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4 Ways to Navigate College Services for Students of Color

Students of color have been disproportionally impacted by the effects of the pandemic. Here's how disadvantaged groups can utilize college campus services.

K–12 Manager, City of Seattle

4 Ways to Stay in the Know About Campus Student Services

Student services and resources are important to your success, health, and happiness in college. Here's how to learn about and make the most of these offerings.

CollegeXpress Student Writer, University of New Mexico

Success With Learning Differences: Important Services Offered in College

For parents of teens with learning disabilities, here's what you should know about the services colleges provide and what your student needs for support.

Freelance Writer

CollegeXpress: A Resource Your Students Can Rely On

CollegeXpress is a premier resource for the college and scholarship search process that your students should be using now. Here are the top reasons why!


Infographic: College Accommodations for Learning Disabilities

All students have the opportunity to be successful in college; some just need extra help. Here are the most common accommodations LD students should ask for.

Founder, Prep Expert

Video: Taking Advantage of Your Professors' Office Hours

Student vlogger Joe explains what you should know about office hours, including how to use them and ways to ease anxiety about meeting with professors.


Useful College Resources Transfer Students Need to Know About

Transferring to another school doesn't have to be stressful. There are many resources at your colleges of interest that will help you through the process!

Director of Transfer Admissions, Manhattan College

Brochures, Emails, and More! How to Avoid Being Overwhelmed by College Communications

Colleges send out a lot of info to potential students: snail mail, emails, brochures, and more! What do you do with all of this? Here's what to know.

CollegeXpress Student Writer