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5 College Tuition Tips for a Lower Bill

Founder, Prep Expert

That big number on the tuition bill is daunting to every college student and parent. However, there are plenty of ways to lower your college costs. Here are just a few. read more

Public Schools With the Best Tuition Deals for Out-of-State Students

CollegeXpress Student Writer, The University of Texas at Austin

Attention students who want to go to school out of state but are deterred by cost: these public colleges and universities offer some of the most affordable out-of-state tuition prices! read more

What to Do When You Can't Make Your Tuition Payment

Director of Communications, Commonwealth School

At some point, you and your parents may find yourselves trying to figure out how to make tuition costs without breaking the bank. Here's some helpful advice! read more

Sleep Easy: What College Admission Officers Won't Tell You

Author, College Admission Expert, Valley Prep Tutoring Services

Many parents and teens have no idea the way the game of college tuition is actually played. This post will explain it to you in terms we can all understand. read more

Tuition Freezes May Help Public University Students

Assistant Editor, Wintergreen Orchard House

Many state officials are taking a stand on increasing college costs by proposing freezes on tuition at their public colleges and universities. read more

Money in College Athletics: The Coach's Salary

Senior Assistant Editor, Scholarship Manager, Wintergreen Orchard House

In the final part of the "Money in College Athletics" series, we look at the salaries of those influential team leaders: the head coach. read more