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Let's Talk About Communications Careers

CollegeXpress Student Writer

There's plenty you can do with a Communications major. Not sure what? Here are a few career ideas! read more

Inside Globesville, NYIT's Student-Run Web Channel

Student, New York Institute of Technology

Globesville, the student-run entertainment and news production Web channel at NYIT, is more like a job than a class. read more

What Can You Do With a Communications Major? (By a Communications Major!)

Student, Morehead State University

A look at some of these different types of communications careers. read more

A Q&A: Video Production, Multimedia, and Beyond


We talked to a journalism graduate about her current position as an associate producer at a video production company, and her interest in further her career in multimedia! read more

Marketing and Communications Majors and Potential Jobs

by and

The things we read, watch, and listen to don't just come out of the ether. And if you're passionate about any of these mediums--or just conveying a message with creativity and conviction--you may find your niche in marketing and/or communications. read more