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Worth the Price: The 9 Best Subscription Boxes for Students

Writer & Editor-in-Chief, Classrooms.com

Subscription boxes have been increasing in popularity lately, and there are many that are made for or offer discounts to students. Here are nine of the best! read more

Crafting Your Own Caffeinated Beverages in 5 Easy Steps

CollegeXpress Student Writer

Don't have money to go to Starbucks every day? (What student does?!) Become your own barista, get your caffeine fix, and save money with this five-step process. read more

Video: How to Make Halloween Dirt Pudding Cups


In this video, Tyler demonstrates how to easily make dirt cups with Oreos and pudding. This recipe is perfect for a Halloween party dessert. read more

The Best College Meals for Your Taste Buds and Budget

Education Writer

Healthy eating on a budget in college is not an easy task, but with these tips you can upgrade common college meals for a better taste, a healthier body, and a full wallet! read more

Adulting 101: Eating Right and Staying Healthy


"Adulting 101" is a six-week series to assist with your transition from college to the real world. This week's topic: eating right and staying healthy. read more

Video: How to Make Quesadillas in the Microwave


Tyler shows us how to easily whip up some delicious quesadillas in the microwave in this College Cooking video. read more

7 Quick and Delicious Breakfasts to Help You Avoid the Freshman 15

Founder, O2 MAX Fitness

These breakfasts are easy, health, and tasty! They'll keep your blood sugar in a healthy range so you don't crash, and they will also keep you full, fuel your brain, provide you with necessary vitamins, and ultimately jump-start your day. read more

5 Things You Need to Relearn How to Do in College

Student, Dallas Baptist University

Ever feel like you know how to do something then realize you still have some learning to do? That's college in a nutshell. read more

10 Amazing Sandwiches You Can Make in a Dorm


Sandwiches. They may be the world's most perfect food, and we've put together a list of fancy sandwich ideas perfect for students living in dorms. read more

Preparing Healthy and Low-Cost Meals in a Dorm

Blogger, Brand Manager, RHL.org

With the newfound freedom of college, it's important that students take the initiative to eat well and within their budgets on their own. Here are two indispensable cooking methods for doing just that. read more