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Tyler's Ultimate College Cooking Collection: All the Best Microwave Recipes

It’s the ultimate cookbook for college students! Check out all our favorite College Cooking videos for easy recipes you can make in your microwave.


Worth the Price: The 9 Best Subscription Boxes for Students

Subscription boxes have been increasing in popularity lately, and there are many that are made for or offer discounts to students. Here are nine of the best!

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Crafting Your Own Caffeinated Beverages in 5 Easy Steps

Don't have money to go to Starbucks every day? (What student does?!) Be your own barista, get your caffeine fix, and save money with this five-step process.

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The Best College Meals for Your Taste Buds and Budget

Healthy eating on a budget in college is not an easy task, but with these tips you can upgrade common college meals for a better taste, a healthier body, and a full wallet!

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What Holiday Treat Should You Stress-Bake and Eat?

The end of the year means college apps, finals, family, and stress! If you need a cookie break, here are some fun treats to make and enjoy!

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Preparing Healthy and Low-Cost Meals in a Dorm

With the newfound freedom of college, it's important that students take the initiative to eat well and within their budgets on their own. Here are two indispensable cooking methods for doing just that.

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5 Fun and Easy Recipes to Cook Up in Your Dorm

There are easy recipes you can in your dorm with the help of just a fridge and microwave! Here are a few favorites that will make you toss the ramen cups.