Worth the Price: The 9 Best Subscription Boxes for Students

Subscription boxes have been increasing in popularity lately, and there are many that are made for or offer discounts to students. Here are nine of the best!

Students have so many responsibilities to juggle every week. When you’re not in class or hanging out with friends, you have to find time to study, potentially work a part-time job, and build up your résumé with extracurriculars or internships. If you’re that busy, how can you think of anything else? How about having a daily (or monthly) dose of joy delivered to your front door? Check out some of the best subscription boxes for students. They’ll take away some of your stress and give you something to look forward to when the semester gets challenging.

1. DeliciousDoor

The freshman 15 is a stereotype about new college students gaining weight at the campus cafeteria because after you swipe in, it’s typically all you can eat—so it may have you thinking twice about what you’re eating. DeliciousDoor delivers healthy plant-based snacks that are high in protein and fiber, with no more than five grams of added sugar and no artificial sweeteners or dyes. They also offer free shipping and send you full-sized products, not sample sizes.

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2. Blue Apron

The average person requires 37 minutes a day to prepare food, eat it, and clean up across three meals. Add to that being a student and you quickly run out of time to eat healthily. Plus, students who are vegan or vegetarian may have trouble meeting their daily protein requirement if they’re only eating salads from the school cafeteria. Blue Apron solves that problem by delivering pre-prepped meals that take only minutes to cook. Each delivery saves time and provides nutrition that students lack in the cafeteria or fast food, making it one of the best subscription boxes for students, especially college students.

3. Blue Bottle Coffee

Some subscription boxes only cost a few dollars each month because a lot of companies offer discounts for high school and college students, like Blue Bottle Coffee. This monthly box contains a rotating medium-roast flavor in four different coffee bag sizes. It’s perfect for young adults pulling all-nighters at the library or anyone who considers themselves an adventurous coffee connoisseur. 

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4. Ipsy Glam Bags

Research has shown that women spend an average of $313 on cosmetics every month, but you can try the latest products without breaking your student budget. Ipsy’s Glam Bags deliver sample- and full-sized popular cosmetics like lipstick, contouring supplies, and all-natural cleansers and moisturizers for a fraction of the cost. Treat yourself to new beauty products and find what complements your style without going to the store or overspending.

5. CampusCube

College and university students love CampusCube shipments, which are designed for unique college needs. Order a box with goodies that can help you survive exams, celebrate your birthday, or encourage your studies with treats. You’ll find snacks, mugs, and self-care supplies that make school a bit easier by reducing stress and anxiety. (And don’t worry—although it’s focused on college students, if you’re not in college yet, you can still order one of these packages to any address.) 

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6. Casely

It’s always fun to snap a new case on your phone and freshen up your style. They’re a great way to express your personality while preventing mishaps. Given that damaged screens are the most common form of cell phone damage, it’s essential for students to find a case that looks great and takes the brunt of the impact if your phone hits the ground. Casely sends you a monthly case that protects and gives your phone a unique design you can’t find anywhere else.

7. Book of the Month Club

Reading textbooks and presentation slides doesn’t engage your imagination like reading novels does. Book of the Month Club will send a popular novel or non-fiction book every month that matches your reading preferences so you can take a break from studying and relax with something entertaining and engaging. Sign up to get your hands on new releases for less than the price of a paperback.

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Anyone who purchases hygiene products like tampons and pads knows they can take up a significant portion of your monthly budget. The store-bought brands also often contain toxins from cotton fertilizers and dyes. LOLA delivers toxin-free cotton alternatives so you have all the monthly products you need. Compared to other subscription boxes, this investment saves money and protects your health.

9. VINEBOX (21+)

Sorry, everybody else—this box is just for students who are 21 and older. Subscription boxes should give students a way to kick back and relax after a long week of studying. VINEBOX delivers wine by the glass, making it the perfect subscription for young adults who want to find their new favorite drink without buying expensive bottles. Try hand-selected blends delivered in sleek glass tubes and never worry about wasting a bottle by forgetting it in the back of your fridge.

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Now that you’ve learned about the best subscription boxes for students, consider which services would make your life more fun or easier. Whether you get books, snacks, or self-care products delivered to your dorm room or home, you’ll have a better day-to-day life because the latest subscription services that fit your tastes will brighten your day.

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