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6 Questions to Ask About a University's Cultural Fit

Finding a good cultural fit in a university is important to ensure you'll be comfortable on campus. Here's how to review schools through this cultural lens.

Former Director of Marketing & Enrollment Management, St. Thomas University

Being Muslim on Campus: The Good and The Bad

A Muslim student shares her ups and downs on campus, from joining the Muslim Student Association at her college to dealing with Islamophobia from some of her peers.

CollegeXpress Student Writer

Culture and Change in College

A story of diversity, ignorance, social responsibility...and selfies

Student, University of Wisconsin-Superior

College Student City Guide: Boston

Here, we welcome you to that feisty New England city that is still a quintessential college town, where the Red Sox call home and they love that dirty water: Boston.

Writer, Senior Editor, Wintergreen Orchard House

Inspiring Cultural Leadership in College Students

Most college educators agree that we are not simply in the business of manufacturing college graduates but, more importantly, developing conscious citizens. And inspiring this complex understanding of the world and what role you have to play in making an impact is ultimately about leadership.

Assistant Professor, Author, Speaker

Why Diversity Matters in College Admission

College counselor and Quetzal Mama Roxanne Ocampo debunks some myths while sharing the importance of diversity and cultural authenticity in the college admission process.

College Admission Coach; Author

Expressing Your Culture through Dance

Dance as a cultural bridge is an idea that prevails on many campuses and beyond.

Associate Producer, Boston Science Communications