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How to Find Inclusive Colleges for Jewish and Muslim Students

It’s vital for colleges to foster culture and create space for everyone. Here’s how to find welcoming, supportive campuses for Jewish and Muslim students.

Freelance Writer

Mental Health and Discrimination: Facts, Resources, and Advice for Students

Connections between mental health, discrimination, and college students cannot be denied. Learn how you can find support and promote inclusivity on campus.

CollegeXpress Student Writer, Elizabethtown College

6 Important Intersectional Identities to Consider in Your College Search

Your intersecting personal identities are important in the search to find a college that supports your needs and goals. Here are some factors to consider!

K–12 Manager, City of Seattle

What Is DEI and Why Does It Matter in My College Search?

The college search involves considering a whole host of factors, including a school's DEI initiatives. This is what to know about DEI from an expert.


How Do I Foster an Inclusive Learning Environment as a Teacher?

Educational inclusivity is important in our diverse world. Here's some expert advice on ensuring your classroom is equitable for your future students.


How to Help Improve Equity and Diversity on Campus

Picture this: you're applying to schools, found a school you truly love, and it's your first choice. The one thing that isn't necessarily the school's strong point is its campus diversity. What do you do?

CollegeXpress Student Writer, Boston University