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5 Ways to Help Your Students Improve Their Writing

Cofounder, Director of College Admissions Counseling, One-Stop College Counseling

Have your seniors' college essays seemed a little lackluster lately? Here are five ways that counselors can help students improve their writing skills for college essays. read more

Want to Be a Writer? Then Don't Follow This Tired Advice

Editorial Assistant, Carnegie Dartlet

Everyone's going to tell you what to do to be a writer. This article is different--it tells you what NOT to do. read more

7 Great Minors to Go With an English Major

CollegeXpress Student Writer

Thinking about majoring in English? With the right minor, you could expand your career horizons even more! These are some of the best choices. read more

Thoughts on My Future Major

CollegeXpress Student Writer

One of our student writers discusses the pressures surrounding choosing a college major and how her future looks to her. read more

Top Study Tips for Every High School Subject

CollegeXpress Student Writer

These tips are organized by English, History, Science, and Math, so you can improve your study habits in each area before you head off to college. read more

English, Writing, and Literature Majors and Potential Jobs

by and

"My aim is to put down on paper what I see and what I feel in the best and simplest way." So said Hemingway, and so you may feel as well. If you're interested in pursuing writing and literature in college and as a career, keep reading! read more

3 Tips for Aspiring English Majors

Student, Ursuline College

How can you be sure that you won't be unemployed after graduating college with an English major? Following these three tips is a good start. read more

To Be, or Not to Be...an English Major

Student, Greencastle High School

Is studying English is in the back of your mind? Or the front of your consciousness? read more

English Gone Cra-Cra: 12 New Words Banished by Lake Superior State University

Editorial Assistant, Carnegie Communications

Are there any words that grind your gears? Odds are a few of them might be on Lake Superior State University's newest list of banished words. read more

Cultivating Exceptional Writing Skills for Success in College and Beyond

Director of Communications, Grammarly.com

Now, more than ever, good written English skills are imperative for success in college and the workforce. The writing skills you have today directly impact how successful you will be in your applications for college admission, financial aid, and other educational opportunities. But with declining national skills in writing, how can you bolster your skills? read more