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Important Skills and Character Traits for College Entrepreneurs

Student, Desert Mountain High School

If you want to see yourself blowing your competition out of the water on Shark Tank, you need to have these important entrepreneurial skills and character traits! read more

6 Ways an M.B.A. Can Help You Become an Entrepreneur

Director, M.B.A. Marketing & Admissions, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Entrepreneurship is not just about starting your own business. In today's global economy, we all need to have an entrepreneurial mindset to survive. read more

Social Enterprise: Business for the Better


As you consider your college options, you might be thinking about how you can use your education to do good in the world. read more

5 Ways to Prepare for Your Life as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur, DJ

Considering starting your own business? Entrepreneurship is again rising in prominence as people seek to pave their own way in the world. It's tough road, but one lined with incredible rewards and career satisfaction. Here, one twentysomething entrepreneur shares his top tips for taking the first steps. read more