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A Shift in Writing: How You Can Help Students Improve Their Skills

Have your seniors' admission essays been lackluster? Here are five ways counselors can help students improve their writing skills for college applications.

Director of College Admissions Counseling, One-Stop College Counseling

Top 5 Tips on How to Deal With Soul-Sucking Essays

Whether it's for class, admission, or a scholarship, you'll have to write essays you just don't want to. Here are five tips to deal with tough essays.

CollegeXpress Student Writer

English Grammar Cheat Sheet for Students

Struggling with grammar as you write your English essays, term papers, and other school assignments? Here's a cheat sheet with everything students need to know!

CollegeXpress Student Writer

6 Effective Tips for Writing Your College Admission Essay

How do you write an admission essay that stands out and gets you into your top-choice school? Start with these six simple but powerful essay writing tips!

Founder, First Choice College

What Are Some Cornerstones of a Good College Application Essay?

Knowing exactly what makes a college application essay "good" is key to knocking yours out of the park. Here's some advice to get you started!

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College Application Proofreading Tips From an Editor-in-Chief

Grab a red pen and get ready to whip your college application into shape! These are the best editing tips and grammar tricks from a professional word nerd.

Former Editor-in-Chief, CollegeXpress