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How to Evaluate a Health and Medicine Program

Thinking about majoring in the health sciences? Here's what to consider during your college search in order to get the most out of your academic experience. read more


Medical School Admission Requirements by Design

Perhaps you feel it--the call to become a physician. The path to medical school and the subsequent practice of medicine is notoriously rigorous and very competitive. Yet, some say the hardest part of the journey is the admission process. read more

Director, Chemistry Program, Mount Mary College

How to Be a Competitive Med School Applicant

What makes someone an ideal med school applicant? What do admission counselors look for? How should students, both pre-med and not, prepare? read more

Director of the Pre-medical and Related Health Professional Programs, Gannon University

What Different Specialty Nursing Career Paths Are There?

There are three particular nursing health specialties that aspiring nurses should consider. Read on to learn from one of our experts about these roles. read more


Nurses and Health Care Reform

Changes within health care, highlighted by the passage of the federal health reform in the spring of 2010, afford tremendous opportunities and challenges for nurses. read more

Dean, School of Nursing at the College of St. Scholastica

What Are Med School Residencies Really Like?

The residency is one of the last steps toward becoming a full-fledged doctor. It's an exciting, stressful, amazing learning experience, and I am right in the middle of it as a resident at the Duluth Family Practice Center in Minnesota. read more


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