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Great Colleges and Universities for Health and Medicine in New England

Happy National Nurses Week! Celebrate the incredible nurses who've done so much during COVID-19 by learning about great health science colleges in New England.


Exploring the Health Sciences: How to Find the Right Field For You

Are you considering a career in the health sciences but haven't decided which field? Here's a look at some popular health sciences fields to help you choose.

CollegeXpress Student Writer

All Your Top Questions About Med School, Answered by a Medical Student

If you're considering med school, you probably have many questions. Medical student and author Elisabeth Fassas shares her insight in this exclusive Q&A!


How to Choose a College for Health Sciences Programs

If you're interested in the health sciences, here's what you should consider during your college search to find the best fit program for your career goals.

Executive Director, Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges

How Can I Properly Evaluate the Quality of a Health and Medicine Program?

Thinking about majoring in the health sciences? Here's some expert advice to consider before deciding to get the most out of your academic experience.


What Are the Benefits to Majoring in Pharmacy in College?

Pharmaceuticals are a major part of our lives! If you're considering pursuing this path, our experts are sharing the benefits of this respected career.

Senior Vice President, Professional Practice and Pharmacy Policy, OptumRx

Medical School Admission Requirements by Design

Perhaps you feel it--the call to become a physician. The path to medical school and the subsequent practice of medicine is notoriously rigorous and very competitive. Yet, some say the hardest part of the journey is the admission process.

Director, Chemistry Program, Mount Mary College

How to Be a Competitive Med School Applicant

What makes someone an ideal med school applicant? What do admission counselors look for? How should students, both pre-med and not, prepare?

Director of the Pre-medical and Related Health Professional Programs, Gannon University

What Different Specialty Nursing Career Paths Are There?

There are three particular nursing health specialties that aspiring nurses should consider. Read on to learn from one of our experts about these roles.


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