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How Can I Properly Evaluate the Quality of a Health and Medicine Program?

Thinking about majoring in the health sciences? Here's some expert advice to consider before deciding to get the most out of your academic experience.

Health science programs ensure a bright future of success and innovation, but not all programs are created equal. Ask yourself these important questions to see if you’ll be getting the most out of your academic experience at your college(s) of interest if you were to pursue the program you're researching.

  • Reputation of program or department
    • Is this school well-known for your intended program?
    • How long have they offered it?
    • Is the program or college accredited by the appropriate agency?
    • Does the college have a strong medical school or partnerships with other well-regarded schools?
  • Faculty
    • Do professors have the highest degrees in their fields?
    • Are faculty actively working in the field, conducting research, presenting at conferences, and/or publishing their work?
    • Are any classes taught by just teaching assistants?
  • Academics and coursework
    • What is the average class size for health lectures and other courses?
    • When will you be able to dive into major-specific coursework, labs, and clinicals? 
    • Are learning facilities and equipment up to date?
    • Are there options for accelerated programs or automatic med school acceptance?
  • Research and internship opportunities
    • Does the school fund student research?
    • Are there opportunities to present your findings or get published in academic journals?
    • What internship, job shadowing, or volunteer opportunities are available in your field of interest?
  • Graduate success
    • What are the graduation and career placement rates for students in your intended program?
    • How many students are accepted to medical school or other professional programs?
    • What schools do graduates attend, and where have they found jobs?
    • What kind of med school/continuing education advising does the school offer?

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