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Best Practices and Advice for Writing College Recommendation Letters

Recommendation letters are important in college admission—especially counselor recommendations. Here's some advice on writing them for your students.

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The Top 5 Do's and Don'ts for Letters of Recommendation

Whether you need a recommendation for college, an internship, or a job, you need to request it at the ease of your recommenders. Here are some do's and don'ts!

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Video: Asking for a Letter of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are a crucial part of the college admission process, but who and how do you ask for them? These teachers have the answer.


Important Things to Know About Grad School References

Follow this guide to help you get great letters of recommendations for grad school, from how to ask your references to what to do after it's submitted.

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Letters of Recommendation: Who, How, and When to Ask

If you play your cards right, you won't have to stress about asking for a letter of recommendation. Here's who to ask, how to ask them, and when to do it.

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Top 5 Questions About Recommendation Letters

Need recommendation letters for your college or scholarship applications? Here's what you should know, including who to ask, when to ask, and more.

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How Can I Get Transfer References After a Short Time?

If you want to transfer colleges but don't feel like you've had time to build relationships to get a great recommendation letter, check out our experts' advice.

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How to Escape Your Dream College's Waitlist

Been waitlisted at your dream school? While that can be discouraging, there are steps you can take to help sway the final admission decision in your favor.

Author, College Admission Expert, Valley Prep Tutoring Services

Counselor Q&A: Writing an Effective Letter of Recommendation

Marna Atkin of Atkin College Counseling answers questions about crafting persuasive letters of recommendation for your students.

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How Can I Help My Grad School Reference Writers?

You know you need great letters of recommendation for your grad school applications, but what can you do to get the ball rolling? Check out our expert advice!


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