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Career Spotlight: The Ultimate Guide to Unique Health and Medicine Careers

There are so many health science careers to pursue, and you may not have considered some of these unique options we're spotlighting. Learn more now!


How to Determine If a Career in Internal Medicine Is Right for You

Interested in medicine but don't know what specialty to pursue? Consider a future in internal medicine! Here's what to know straight from an internist.

Practicing Internist and Primary Care Physician

Unexpected Pandemic Takeaways for Aspiring Nurses

The coronavirus pandemic may have sent nursing to the bottom of your dream career list, but before you rule it out, consider all these positives.

Senior Assistant Editor, CollegeXpress

Medical School Admission Requirements by Design

Perhaps you feel it--the call to become a physician. The path to medical school and the subsequent practice of medicine is notoriously rigorous and very competitive. Yet, some say the hardest part of the journey is the admission process.

Director, Chemistry Program, Mount Mary College

How to Be a Competitive Med School Applicant

What makes someone an ideal med school applicant? What do admission counselors look for? How should students, both pre-med and not, prepare?

Director of the Pre-medical and Related Health Professional Programs, Gannon University