Parents, the ACT, and Scholarships: What You Need to Know

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Worried about your child missing scholarships because they took the ACT? Let this put your mind at ease! read more

How can parents cope with a child who doesn't want to go to college?

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Tell the student that she can take one year to work at something productive and to begin to pay her own bills, including her rent to you, car insurance, dry cleaning, etc. read more

What can parents do if they disagree with their child's college choice(s)?

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Unless it is a financial consideration, the decision is the student's. It is the student who has to live at the college, not the parent. read more

B-TOWERS: How to Sell Your Parents on Out-of-State Colleges

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College should be your home away from home. But what do you do when it's home really, really far away from home? read more

Infographic: 6 Teen Dating Apps Parents Should Know About


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What They Don't Tell You About Your First Winter Break From College

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Unicorns and Garbage Cans: The Impact of Tech on Access to Higher Education

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So Your Parents Don't Support Your College Major

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What to Do When You and Your Parents Disagree About College


College is, in theory, that magical point where parents start to let go. Of course, some parents will just hold on a little tighter... read more

How to Cope With Your Empty Nest: 5 Tips for College Parents

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