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4 Habits of Student-Athletes for Better Health and Performance

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Finding the balance between being a good student and a budding athlete can be tricky in high school or college. Here are four habits you should get into ASAP. read more

Becoming a College Athlete: My Track & Field Journey

CollegeXpress Student Writer

Renee is passionate about track & field, and she hopes to join the team at her college. Read on to learn about her journey and advice for other student-athletes! read more

How to Take Care of Your Vision as a Student-Athlete

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Looking for ways to improve your game in college? Consider thinking about your vision health and the ways it affects your physical capabilities as a student-athlete. read more

The Secret to Balancing Your Hectic Collegiate Sports Schedule

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Your schedule is tight when you're a student-athlete. What's the key to keeping on track? Read on to find out! read more

The College Sports Glossary of Terms


Whether you want to get recruited, play for fun, or cheer from the sidelines, here are a few college sports terms you should know. read more

College Students Go for the Gold in Rio

Assistant Editor, Carnegie Communications

The Summer Olympics closing ceremony goes down tomorrow in sunny (crazy) Rio. And among the athletes celebrating the past two weeks of physical achievement are more than a few current college students. read more

How to Manage Your Time as a Student-Athlete

Author, Performance Coach

As a student-athlete, balancing academics and your sport can be taxing. Read on for some tips to help keep you from breaking under the pressure. read more

Intramurals for the High School Athlete

Graduate Student, Merrimack College

High school athletes may find sports no longer fit into their lives the same way once they arrive at college. Varsity isn't always an option, for various reasons, but intramural sports can help fill the gap. read more

What Student-Athletes Should Know Before Going on an Official College Visit

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If you end up being one of the chosen athletes to be whisked away on an official visit, make sure you are prepared so you and the coach both get as much out of it as possible. read more

As a student-athlete searching for colleges, should I focus on majors/classes or athletics?


First focus on the majors about which you are thinking. Once you have that list of colleges, see which of them have your sport at the level you wish to play. read more