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The International Student's University Search: Looking Beyond Rankings and Name Brands

Director of International Admissions, The College of Wooster

Your international university list may only consist of schools with big names that you're familiar with. Read on to find out why that could be a big mistake. read more

9 Tips to Make Studying Abroad More Successful

Content Manager, IsAccurate.com

Studying abroad isn't as simple as flying to another country and taking some classes at a different school. To really get the most of your time, use these tips for acing your program and enjoying a new cultural experience. read more

5 Reasons Montreal Is the Perfect City for College Students

Founder, Moon Prep

Montreal isn't just a great city to visit, it's a great place to live--especially as a college student! Here are five reasons to consider the Canadian city for college. read more

How to Write a Winning Study Abroad Scholarship Essay

Professional Educator and Writer

Studying abroad is a big and expensive part of many students' education, and scholarships can help with that. Here's how to ace those study abroad scholarship essays. read more

Foreign Universities vs. US Colleges: What You Need to Know

Freelance Writer

Interested in pursuing a degree overseas? Here's what you need to know to start your international university search, plus factors that may differ from US colleges. read more

Health Insurance for Study Abroad: What You Need to Know

Founder, CreditWriter.com

You have a lot to think about if you're planning to study abroad. But have you thought about health insurance while you're out of the country? Here's why it should be on your list. read more

10 Mistakes First-Year International Students Make (and How to Avoid Them!)

Freelance Writer

Going abroad for university can be stressful enough without worrying about having a bad experience. Here are 10 mistakes to avoid for a good first year. read more

3 Big Study Abroad Expectations (vs. What It's Really Like)

Digital Advertising Associate, Carnegie Dartlet

Think you know what a semester abroad will be like? Find out if your expectations meet reality from someone who studied abroad in Spain--you might be surprised by what she learned! read more

Top 5 Reasons to Attend University in Europe

Author, Founder of Beyond the States

Does the price of a US college education make your eyes bulge? Consider a seemingly more sophisticated (but much cheaper) option for university across the pond. read more

Video: College in Canada


Laura recently moved to Victoria, Canada, to pursue her university degree. Here's her story on what it's like to move to a new country for college. read more