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Study Abroad Opportunities: What You Should Know About SAI Programs

Students have a lot of options for study abroad. Learn more about SAI Programs and all its locations, academic programs, costs, and aid options right here.

Study abroad programs give students the chance to take their education all around the world. And there are a lot of options for students who want to travel, from school-sponsored programs to private companies like SAI. Whether you’re dreaming of a gap year in Paris or an academic semester amid the ancient history of Rome, SAI’s cultural learning programs offer something for everyone. Keep reading to get to know SAI and see if it’s the right travel choice for you.

About the company

SAI Programs was founded in 1995 and operates from its headquarters in the Wine Country of Sebastopol, California. The company is committed to enhancing the global awareness of high school and college students by offering ethical learning and cultural experiences across Europe, with options to study for a semester, quarter, summer, month-long session, and more. When studying abroad with SAI, you can count on an array of helpful services such as airport transport, 24-hour emergency support, and guaranteed student housing.

Study abroad locations

One of the most exciting parts of the study abroad process is deciding where you’re going to go. SAI offers educational programs in a total of eight cities across Italy, France, and Spain. Specific locations include Paris, Florence, Barcelona, Milan, and more. Each city comes with its own history and unique perks, like the option to stay with a local family when studying in Sorrento, Italy. Depending on which city you choose as your destination, you may even have multiple schools to choose from.

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SAI partner schools

Altogether, SAI partners with 24 schools for their study abroad programs, including John Cabot University. Courses are most often taught in English, but some schools also offer classes with foreign language instruction depending on your fluency. Additionally, certain schools may require you to take a language-learning elective during your study abroad program regardless of your major. All of SAI’s on-location partner schools work with an accredited, US-based college to make sure the credits you earn while you’re away are easily transferable back to the States.

Areas of study

Available majors will vary based on which city and school you’re looking into, but thankfully, there’s a feature on SAI’s website to filter programs based on your preferred area of study. They offer a total of 17 areas of study, including but not limited to Business & Economics, Art History & Architecture, Modern Languages & Cultures, Digital & Studio Arts, Communications, Performing Arts, and Fashion Design. SAI also offers graduate-level study and programs for high schoolers to pursue college-level coursework. With tons of specialized courses in each category, you have the opportunity to create a syllabus perfectly unique to you.

Costs and aid

SAI offers some of the most cost-effective, full-service study abroad programs I’ve found in my research. Of course, the base cost of your program will vary based on the location and school you select (take a look at costs and dates on the website). To help you cover the cost, SAI offers an array of discounts to students with special circumstances, such as those who have completed military service or those who intend to complete a full gap year with SAI. You may also apply for one of their many scholarship opportunities. Additionally, SAI accepts outside study abroad scholarships and any federal or institutional financial aid you’re already receiving.

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Studying abroad is the perfect way to broaden your horizons and see the world while furthering your education. With tons of program perks, a wide category of majors, and reasonable costs, SAI Programs is definitely an option worth looking into. Good luck on your study abroad journey! 

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