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How to Make Transferring Colleges as Seamless as Possible

Making the decision to transfer colleges is tough, but deciding when is even tougher. Read on to find out when the right time to transfer is—and why.

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5 Survival Tips for Your First Semester as a Transfer

When you're a transfer student, it can feel like you're the new kid again. That can be nerve-wracking, but these five tips can help make the switch easier.

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Top 10 Reasons to Study at a Community College

From saving money to testing the waters to transferring with ease, there are many benefits to attending or starting out a community college.

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5 Things Every Transfer Student Should Do This Summer

Whether transferring from a two- or four-year school, there are a few things you should do this summer to make sure your experience is a positive one.

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4 Essential Tips to Make Your College Transfer Easier

Emily transferred colleges her junior year. Way too late to make a move, right? Wrong! Here are her tips for other transfer students who want to make a switch.

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