Top Careers for Myers-Briggs Personality Types: ENTJ

A series devoted to Myers-Briggs personality types and recommended jobs for each type. This edition: ENTJ (extroversion, intuition, thinking, judging).

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Originally Posted: Jan 25, 2019
Last Updated: Jan 25, 2019

This series of articles is devoted to Myers-Briggs personality types and recommended jobs for each type. Up next: ENTJ (extroversion, intuition, thinking, judging).

To learn more about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, click here. And remember: this is just a fun, non-scientific assessment that hopefully gives you some insights about yourself and potential careers you may enjoy. Also, any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

About ENTJ personalities

ENTJs are often called “The Commander” because of their natural talent for leading. They are social yet cerebral, and they use their big brains to lead others. They love their careers and take them very seriously. According to Truity, they are most likely to make a lot of money and be a boss, and least likely to be unemployed or a stay-at-home parent.) Because of that, ENTJs should think hard about the career they want to pursue to make sure they are willing to devote their lives to it (and they will).

ENTJs are extroverts and are their best around people. However, they don’t dwell on small talk like most extroverted personality types. (Not to mention, if our friendly neighborhood ENTJ isn’t careful, his or her conversations might sound a lot like commands.)

ENTJs are the black sheep of the Rational club, categorized by the letters NT. They are very rational and logical, like the other three types, but their focus is usually on people, while the other three focus on more “pure” ideas that are more predictable than homo sapiens.

“Judging” is the root of an ENTJ’s personality. They love order, especially if they are the ones giving orders. As natural leaders, they find themselves at home as the managers of life, and when they aren’t leading, you can bet they’re on a path to become the boss.

ENTJ wish list

1. Obvious path to managerial positions

2. Rigid hierarchies

3. Position of power

4. Independence (or a path to independence)

5. High stress/excitement

6. Responsibility

7. Lack of monotony

Top ENTJ careers

1. Business manager/management consultant (7/7)

En route to their dream career or Chief Executive Officer (second to only President of [one’s respective nation]), ENTJs were born to be managers. They are often expected to work brutal hours starting out, but they are accepting of that because it’s a necessary evil to climb the ladder into a more powerful position. It’s hard to find a downside to a career so obviously tailored to ENTJ personalities. Of course, if this doesn’t interest you as an ENTJ, that’s all right too! There are plenty other careers to check out, including…

2. Politician (6/7)

With their natural assertiveness and confidence, as well as their knack for public speaking, ENTJs make good political candidates. People look for specific traits in their leaders, and ENTJs often embody all of them. If they’re willing to partake in this exciting career path, they will surely be rewarded.

3. Public relations (5/7)

While careers in the spotlight take years of hard work behind the scenes for many, PR specialists are expected to jump into the fray and take on the media head-to-head. The only problem with this career is that there is little autonomy, and one will always work under a boss. However, independence grows along with trust in public relations careers.

4. Military careers (5/7)

Instead of diving into the private sector, some ENTJs are driven to serve Uncle Sam (or John Bull, Marianne, Deutscher Michel, Bharat Mata, or whatever national personification you feel like serving). ENTJs find themselves at home in highly structured environments, biding their time, slowly climbing up the hierarchal ladder into more powerful positions, confident they are making a difference in the world. They may be frustrated if they don’t climb the ranks as quickly as they would like though. However, if they continue to follow the light at the end of the tunnel, they will find themselves in powerful, influential positions.

5. Engineer (4/7)

While being the low engineer on the totem pole sounds about as great as a third grade recorder orchestra, ENTJs would be delighted to find that veteran engineers often work as project managers, where they get to boss around younger employees. If they find themselves in such a career, they will be delighted to find themselves with the autonomy of leading their own projects until its fruition. As Rationals, ENTJs often find STEM careers interesting and engaging, and they probably grew up with their best grades in math and science.

Other notable careers

Professor (4/7)

Nightmare award


It’s a long way to the top, they say. And a whole lot longer if you’re a receptionist.

These days, you point powerful business people to the bathrooms and clueless tourists to the nearest Starbucks.

“Excuse me,” says a clean-cut young man in a suit. “I’m looking for the conference room.”

You explain to him where it is in new-record brevity: 11 words.

“Wow, you really know your stuff.”

Of course you do.

“A lot of the higher-ups here don’t have a clue how this business should be run. I’m sure someone clever like you could be doing a much better job.”

This guy knows what he’s talking about.

“Hey, what are you doing after work? I would love to get to know you better and there’s a nice diner down the street.”

Oh. He didn’t actually appreciate your genius…sigh.

You harshly reject him, crushing his self-esteem to an all-time low, then continue dreaming about having an office a couple floors higher.

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