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Hands-on Opportunities in College: Interning at the Super Bowl

Ever wonder what it’d be like to work at the Super Bowl? A student recounts her experience and what she learned during this unique internship opportunity.

Any internship experience looks good on a résumé, but there’s something super exciting about saying you got to work at the Super Bowl. That’s what I did in February 2023, when I had the amazing opportunity to intern at Super Bowl LVII in Glendale, Arizona. The experiences my group and I had the chance to participate in are ones I will never forget. Here’s how I landed this internship, what I did during the week-long experience, and my advice on how you can find awesome internships and other opportunities like this in college.

How I found my internship

This opportunity was offered to me by the Dean of the College of Hospitality, Tourism, and Sport at Niagara University. All students in the College received an email telling us about the internship. It stated that to apply, we needed to submit a résumé and cover letter and be willing to go through an interview process. As a Sport Management major, I immediately applied as soon as I received the email because I knew this could be an amazing opportunity to further my future career as well as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. In the end, the coordinators of this internship picked nine students to represent Niagara at Super Bowl LVII. 

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Leading up to the big game

When we arrived in Arizona, we immediately went to State Farm Stadium to take a tour of the facility, get our uniforms, and receive work assignments for game day. The next day, we started working at the FansFirst Super Bowl Experience in the Phoenix Convention Center. We worked there Thursday, Friday, and Saturday leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. While in the Convention Center, some of us were in charge of kid-friendly games and scanning tickets. Others oversaw lines for attractions like the Lombardi Trophy, Super Bowl rings, and autographs from NFL players. The energetic atmosphere was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Those three days were filled with excited, vibrant fans who were counting down the hours to the big game.

Super Bowl Sunday

On game day, we were posted in the suite level of State Farm Stadium where we directed media down to the field—especially during halftime and the post-game festivities—and answered any questions the media or others had. Being posted right outside the press box, we were able to see and feel the energy of all the workers. Excitement spread as we got closer to kickoff, but everyone was focused and motivated in their duties to pull off the best Super Bowl possible. Being behind the scenes at one of the biggest sporting events in the world was such a unique experience. There’s so much that goes into pulling off an event of this caliber, with around 10,000 teammates who worked on game day. Watching previous Super Bowls on TV, I never questioned what went on outside the players on the field. To see it firsthand made me realize there was so much more that goes into the event than I ever could’ve imagined. 

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Connecting the experience to college and career

This experiential learning opportunity helped me work on my networking and was a huge boost to my résumé. On the first night my group arrived, we attended a networking event for an organization called Uncommon Sports Group. There were a myriad of different colleges and universities represented as well as a panel of many successful people in sports. Connecting with them and other college students interested in working in the athletic industry was incredibly valuable. At the end of the week, we also took a tour of the Athletic Facility at Grand Canyon University. We met the athletic directors and learned about facility upkeep and what decisions they’ve made to enhance their athletic program and why. 

General internship advice

If you’re wondering if your school offers unique internships like this one, a great place to start is to talk to your dean or faculty advisor about available opportunities. It never hurts to just ask if there are any internships you would be interested in. Being flexible and willing to try new things in your field is extremely important. Don’t rule out an opportunity just because you haven’t considered it before—maybe you’ll love it and make it your future career! Throughout my internship, I met so many new people and made new connections. With any opportunity, it’s important to continue networking and build on relationships you started, as they’re extremely beneficial to furthering your career. Reach out to anyone you meet periodically and keep in touch! Lastly, get comfortable being uncomfortable. Throwing yourself into a new situation can be scary, but it can also be a good learning experience. Even if a role doesn’t work out, you’ll at least know it isn’t the right career path for you. 

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Working at Super Bowl LVII was a rewarding opportunity I’ll be forever grateful to have been a part of. This experience helped me focus more on what I would like to do for a career in the future, and it was helpful to learn new things about the sports industry. The fast-paced, exciting, hard-working environment made for an amazing Super Bowl and a thrilling work experience.

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About Anna Schultz

Anna Schultz is a junior at Niagara University, where she's studying Sport Management with a minor in American Sign Language & Deaf Studies. Anna loves going to the beach, listening to music, and traveling. Originally from Buffalo, New York, she hopes to move internationally after graduation.


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