Man in camo pants and orange jacket in front of huge Mickey Mouse graffiti mural

12 Types of People You'll Find on Campus: Disney Edition

Do morning classes have you feeling like Sleeping Beauty? See what your favorite Disney characters would look like in college, according to one clever artist!

There are all kinds of interesting characters roaming around the typical college campus—and in this case, they just happen to be of the Disney variety! Thanks to Rubén, the artist who transforms Disney characters into modern-day college students as part of his Disney University digital art gallery, we no longer have to wonder what Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty would look like as coeds. He even gives them bios that include assumed majors, hobbies, backgrounds, and personal style. Rubén’s portfolio got our creative juices flowing, so based on his amazing artwork, here are just a few campus characters we all know and love (for the most part!).

Elsa and Anna: The Sorority Sisters

Big will show little the way.

Elsa and Anna

Merida: The Sleepy Head

She rolled out of bed just in time for her 8:00 am final.


Rapunzel: The Free Spirit

As wild and free as her hair—plus a little dazed and confused.


Prince Naveen: The Loud Neighbor

Waking you up at 2:00 am every night since the beginning of dorm life. 

Prince Naveen

Belle: The Bookworm

Neither man nor beast will keep her from that 4.0 GPA.


Anita and Roger: The Cute Couple

This courtship may or may not have evolved from an awkward first Tinder date.

Anita and Roger

Ursula: The Intimidating Professor

You have her again this semester? You poor, unfortunate soul.


Aladdin: The Sweatpants Guy

From PJs to genie pants, this dude dresses for comfort.


Jane: The Weekend Warrior

“This one goes out to the ladies at breakfast in last night's dress,” as Katy Perry would say.