Punny Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for College Students

Still don't have a Halloween costume? Luckily you don't have to be overly pun-ctual to pull off these easy, last-minute ideas.

It’s the day before Halloween and you still don’t have a costume?? Don’t pun-ish yourself—you still have plenty of time to create a look that kills. Just search for stuff around your dorm, a thrift shop, or the local Halloween store to create one of these easy and clever outfits. Some of these punny ideas may seem cheesy, but they’ve groan on us…

  • Smarty Pants: Buy a bag of Smarties candies and tape them all over your pants. Add a pair of glasses to look extra intelligent.  
  • It’s Raining Men: Print out some male celebrity faces (or pictures of puppies and kittens for “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs”), tape them to clear string, and attach those to an old umbrella. Dress in your rain coat and boots to finish the look.
  • Ceiling Fan: Get a pair of pompoms, write “Go Ceiling!” on a sweatshirt, and act enthusiastic all night. 
  • Holy Guacamole: Wear green and brown, tape pictures of avocados all over your outfit, and wear a halo over your head.
  • Fantasy: Dress in orange and blue; attach Fanta soda labels/bottles, a paper boat, and some sea creatures to your shirt; and voila—you’re a Fanta-sea. 
  • Waste of Time: Make a clock face out of construction paper (or buy a Flavor Flav prop from the Halloween store) and put it on a belt around your waist—get it? 
  • Jailbird: Wear black and white stripes and a plastic beak. Add some feathers if you want to get crafty! 
  • When Life Gives You Lemons: Dress head to toe in yellow, write “Life” across your shirt, and carry a basket of lemons to hand out to people. 
  • Deviled Egg: Grab a pair of devil horns and wear a white shirt with a big, yellow yolky circle painted on the front.
  • When Pigs Fly: Wear all pink plus a plastic snout, then add a pair of angel wings. (Or wrap yourself up in a quilt for “Pig in a Blanket”!)
  • Smart Cookie: Make a big chocolate chip cookie out of cardboard and construction paper, attach it to your shirt, and wear an old graduation cap or thick glasses.
  • Copy Cat: Dress as a classic black cat, make copies of your textbooks at the library, and attach the papers to your clothes. 
  • Apple of My Eye: Good for couples—one person wears a white sweatshirt with an eyeball drawn on it, while the other wears a red sweatshirt and a paper stem on a headband. 
  • Queen Bee: Dress in black and yellow stripes, get a pair of cheap wings at the Halloween store, and wear a crown on your head. (For something a little scarier, paint your face like the undead instead and be a “Zombee.”)
  • Amazon Prime: Dress in all green, attach some fake green leaves, and write prime numbers all over your shirt. 
  • French Kiss: Wear a beret and a black-and-white-striped shirt like a mime, then paint your face like Gene Simmons or your favorite KISS member. 
  • Witch Doctor: Paint your face green and dress as a classic witch with a broom and pointy hat, then carry some extra accessories like a first aid kit and a stethoscope. (Medical students could wear their scrubs!)

If you’re a social butterfly, show us your costume by tagging us @CollegeXpress. Have a punderful Halloween! 

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