Ari Magnusson

Ari Magnusson

Ari Magnusson was born in New York but grew up on a farm in rural central Pennsylvania and spent his summers in a cabin on a river in upstate New York, settings that influence his writing, including many of the scenes in the land of his novel, Bitopia.

Ari attended Dickinson College, majoring in history and music. After college he moved to Boston, where he studied fiction and journalism at the Harvard Extension School and at Grub Street. He is currently working on a new book on bullying and a young adult fiction series set in a medieval-style period.

In his first year of high school, Ari was bullied and endured what felt like an eternity of fear, anxiety, and dread until the day a bystander intervened. Even better, he witnessed a technique used by the bystander that rendered the aggressor’s bullying behavior ineffective. From that day on, Ari put the technique into practice and was never bullied again. He is a passionate proponent of educating youth on bullying and individual empowerment techniques.


Overcoming Bullying in College

Bitopia author Ari Magnusson discusses his encounter with bullying in high school, and how he overcame it. read more

How can students identify a bully and bullying behaviors?

First, I don't like to use the term "bully," as it is a label and prevents us from seeing the one to whom the label is applied as a person. And this is important because bullying is human; it is an adaptive more

How should students respond to bullying?

The first thing is what you shouldn't do, which is to escalate the aggression. If someone attacks you verbally or intimidates you, don't respond aggressively. read more

How might the bullying dynamic change between high school and college?

If you are worried about bullying in college, take heed; while every group of individuals is different, and the degree to which individuals in a group use bullying behavior is going to vary widely, I have found personally that students in college are far more mature and have far better developed social skills than high school students. read more

What resources can parents use when their child is bullied?

Izzy Kalman has written a number of good books and has other materials on ways to react to bullying to render it ineffective. His books are written for a younger audience as well, but they are wonderful resources for students of any age. read more