What resources can parents use when their child is bullied?

Ari MagnussonAri Magnusson
Author; Anti-bullying Advocate
Izzy Kalman has written a number of good books and has other materials on ways to react to bullying to render it ineffective. His books are written for a younger audience as well, but they are wonderful resources for students of any age. Izzy has helped thousands of bullied students with his techniques over the past three decades. My own guide, Understanding Bullying and Ways to Make It STOP! Can also be a good start. It is written for younger readers, but the principles in the book work for individuals of any age.

Every parent with a daughter must read Odd Girl Out, by Rachel Simmons; that book is the definitive source on relational aggression and will help parents of young women understand their relationship environment and make it easier to provide support when their daughters need it.

I also recommend that students who are bullied talk to an adult they trust about the problem, not for the adult to do anything about it (unless the student wishes), but rather to let someone else know it is happening and to get an adult perspective, as well as suggestions for strategies to get the bullying to stop. Oftentimes, just knowing that another person knows about the problem, and getting reassurance that the bullying is not the victim’s fault, can make a huge difference.

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