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How Does Bullying Change From High School to College?

Bullying happens in high school, but what about college? Here's some expert advice on how these behaviors may change from one academic setting to another.

Ari MagnussonAri Magnusson
Author; Anti-bullying Advocate
If you are worried about bullying in college, take heed; while every group of individuals is different, and the degree to which individuals in a group use bullying behavior is going to vary widely, I have found personally that students in college are far more mature and have far better developed social skills than high school students. While bullying can exist anywhere, I found it to be far less prevalent in my college than in my high school. I can’t recall any bullying episodes in college at all. In addition, the whole college environment is generally different from high school; instead of having classes with the same people every day all year, most people in college have unique schedules, are independent, and don’t see each other as much. Avoiding a person, if you wish to, is quite easy in college. I also think most college students are more serious about their work, as college is both an elective and a great opportunity and are focused on learning and preparing for the future. If you’ve had bullying troubles in high school, you will likely leave them behind when you go to college.

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