Emily Froimson

Emily Froimson

Emily Froimson is the Vice President of Programs at the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, where she is responsible for ensuring the high quality of programs and services provided to the Foundation’s 1,800 active and alumni Scholars and working with Foundation staff to develop quality grant programming in furtherance of the Foundation’s unique mission. Ms. Froimson previously served as Senior Director of Scholar Programs and Director of Higher Education Programs for the Foundation. Though she is responsible for all programming, her expertise focuses on transfer pathways for high-achieving, low-income community college students. She has served on the board of directors of the National Scholarship Providers Association since 2008, where she is currently president-elect.

Ms. Froimson’s experiences before joining the Foundation included serving as Executive Director of the Greater Phoenix Youth at Risk Foundation, a grassroots agency providing mentoring and after-school programs to high-risk youth, and working as a private attorney with two national law firms. Prior to coming to the Foundation, she pursued a doctorate in justice and social inquiry, and worked as a faculty associate at Arizona State University teaching courses in research methods and justice studies.

She received her law degree from Boston University School of Law and her bachelor’s degree from Swarthmore College.


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