Linfield College

McMinnville, OR

Linfield College

McMinnville, OR

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A college experience should be much more than attending classes. That’s why at Linfield College, we’ve created a unique, close-knit environment where students learn in and out of the classroom. You’ll get to know your professors and they’ll get to know you. You’ll be challenged to find your true passions and expand your intellectual capabilities while growing into a well-rounded, whole person—the kind of person who can have an impact on your local community and your world. That’s our vision of a college experience. That’s the power of Linfield.

Nestled in the heart of Oregon, Linfield College is home to an engaged community of students who choose to explore, learn, and thrive. A liberal arts and sciences curriculum gives students the foundation they need to leave a lasting impact on the world around them.

Linfield’s legacy has been around longer than Oregon has been a state and growing since. In The Economist’s inaugural college rankings on college value, Linfield was listed first in Oregon and #27 nationally, confirming that a Linfield education is a worthy investment.

Our classes are designed to inspire collaboration, discussion, and hands-on learning. Beyond the classroom, Linfield students create rich experiences by living on campus and engaging in their community. The possibilities are truly endless for Linfield students.

The power of relationships
The power of relationships is central to a Linfield education. We find that the relationships made here will influence the rest of your life. You’ll collaborate with professors and fellow students to solve problems and advance your knowledge about the world around you. Whether you’re stopping by during office hours to get help, studying in a group, or bonding with your teammates, you are building relationships that are not only fun but will leave a lasting impact.

The power of discovery
At Linfield, your education is more than just a list of classes to check off. Our well-rounded curriculum spans the arts, humanities, social and behavioral sciences, natural sciences, and pre-professional programs to give you a solid foundation for your chosen career. Once you uncover some of your passions, you’ll be able to dive deep into your chosen course of study.

We also believe in the power of learning by doing. Linfield’s hands-on learning opportunities include research, internships, and our numerous options for study abroad.

Students perform research alongside their professors and peers and attend conferences across the country to share their findings. Over 80% of students complete an internship before graduation, helping make off-campus connections for life after Linfield. 

Nearly 40% of our students spend time studying abroad. At Linfield, we believe so strongly in the importance of studying abroad that we’ll even pay for your first round-trip airfare.

The power of community
As you walk through Linfield’s 189-acre park-like campus, you’ll notice this is no ordinary place. Our vibrant campus offers a cool mix of traditional architecture and modern amenities. And don’t be surprised if you’re greeted by a professor heading to class or picking up a latté at our on-campus Starbucks.

Whatever you’re into, we probably have a club or organization for it. Besides our 30 student-led clubs, we also offer 14 performing arts groups, 300 leadership positions, four media organizations, numerous intramural and club sports, and 19 NCAA Division III athletic teams. And when you’re ready to explore further, Linfield is within easy reach of mountains, beaches, and the bustling city of Portland.

The power of a small college
For 160 years, Linfield has shaped the lives of our students by advancing a vision that connects learning, life, and community. Linfield students are making the most of their experiences and don’t take them for granted. Our students are active members of their community and continually seek out opportunities for growth. And as alumni, Linfield Wildcats carry on that commitment with their families, professions, and communities.


Background: Founded in 1858, one of the oldest schools on the West Coast; four-year, independent, coeducational liberal arts and sciences institution

Degrees: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Location: McMinnville, Oregon—45 minutes from the scenic Oregon Coast, 60 minutes from the city of Portland, 90 minutes from the Mount Hood ski slopes and the magnificent Cascade mountain range wilderness

Enrollment: 1,600 undergraduate students from 18 states and US territories and 23 foreign countries

Faculty: 95% with the terminal degree in their field

Student-faculty ratio: 9:1

Calendar: Two four-month semesters separated by an optional four-week January Term

Financial aid: 96% of all enrolled students receive some type of aid.

Academic scholarship: A 3.4 or higher cumulative high school GPA may qualify a student for a merit-based scholarship ranging from 35%–60% tuition. Family income is not the only indicator of eligibility for financial aid.

Study abroad programs: Nearly 40% of Linfield students take part in one of our study abroad programs: semester abroad, year abroad, and a four-week January Term abroad. Linfield will pay the first round-trip airfare for most travel.

Extracurricular activities: Over 30 clubs and organizations; NCAA Division III intercollegiate sports 

Research: Many opportunities for undergraduate research, including special projects with the Linfield Research Institute

Technology access: Campus-wide Wi-Fi, including in academic and residential buildings

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