It’s easy to transfer! 

Join us for a Transfer Opportunity Night:
Meet one-on-one with a Transfer Enrollment Counselor to create your personalized transfer plan.
We’ll complete a preliminary transfer credit evaluation.
We’ll let you know how you may qualify for up to $20,000 in annual academic scholarships.
Get an “instant decision” on a completed application if you bring all official college transcripts with you.

The University of New Haven offers a purposeful and career-focused education that is both personal and pragmatic to students who are independent and motivated—empowering them to achieve success at any stage of their lives. We offer over 100 academic programs within six distinct colleges. Faculty who put students first, experiential education, and a thriving community atmosphere on campus allow the University of New Haven to be one of the best places to complete your bachelor’s degree.

But there’s nothing like seeing things for yourself, so prospective transfer students should consider registering for one of our on-campus Transfer Opportunity Nights. You’ll get a complete overview of the University as well as the opportunity to meet with one of our transfer enrollment counselors to discuss transfer credits and program requirements. Schedule your visit today to personally see some of the best academic facilities in the country.

To register for a Transfer Opportunity Night or to meet with a transfer enrollment counselor, please contact Corinne Merjave, Coordinator for Transfer Enrollment, at 203-215-9025 or