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Winona Lake, IN

Grace College

Winona Lake, IN

Science & Engineering Profile

Pursue your purpose

Engineered to impact 
Changing the world starts here. Let us train and equip you to be an engineer for the global good. We recognize that God, the creator of the universe, is the greatest engineer of all. We strive to honor Him and His creations through the skills of engineering. If stewarded correctly, engineering can bring sustainable water sources to developing countries, eliminate pollution, and provide hope to children with deformed extremities. 

Grace College’s Engineering program is about much more than just preparing you for a job; we engineer world changers. Our approach is three-pronged: we teach you theory, mentor you through hands-on practice, and inspire you to use the gifts God gave you to improve the lives of others. We intersect faith and science, and we do it in the most prime location. As the “Orthopaedic Capital of the World,” we have intimate interactions with global industries and cutting-edge manufacturing. 

Mechanical Engineering 
The Mechanical Engineering degree is one of the oldest and broadest of all our Engineering fields. Mechanical engineers create designs, build amazing structures, and evaluate the performance of devices. Mechanical engineers deal with anything that moves, from large construction equipment to small nanoscale robots and even the human body. 

Our location in the “Orthopaedic Capital of the World” is a significant advantage to Grace College Engineering students. Our students have access to experts in the field of engineering with real-world industry experience who provide real-world education and mentorship during classroom and laboratory experiences. A group of local experts who form Grace’s Engineering Advisory Council help ensure the program and its curriculum maintain industry relevance. Key elements of this program include a required internship, hands-on project-based learning, and a senior project that mimics the design process used in the industry. 

Make an impact right now 
One of the advantages of Grace College’s Engineering program is that students learn through hands-on, real-world experiences. These experiences prepare them to enter the job force equipped to make an impact. Here are two examples: 

Grace College student Pavle Popovic spent his summer internship working with Design Outreach, a nonprofit organization that develops innovative solutions for partnering organizations that are combating global poverty. His role was to help design and test a new part for a water pump being used in the developing world. Pavle worked with these goals in mind: to maximize impact and ensure sustainability. 

During her summer internship, Natalie Bontrager worked in the Grace College Engineering Department to provide cost-free prosthetics for kids in need. Natalie was assigned to increase the functionality of a prosthetic hand for a local five-year-old, Zoe; 3D printing modifications improved Zoe’s quality of life, enabling her to do everyday tasks like help her mom cook or ride her bike comfortably. To learn more or to schedule a visit, go to, or give our admission team a call at 866-974-7223.


Grace’s campus sits on the top of a hill that overlooks the quaint, picturesque village of Winona Lake, Indiana. And according to, Winona Lake is “one of the best places to live in Indiana"

Highlights of Grace

Industry Oversight
We have 15 engineering industry leaders on the Engineering Advisory Council to keep our program relevant and connected.

Career Opportunities
There are two Fortune 500 companies within five miles of campus.

A Lucrative Field
There are 17 billion dollars in orthopedic revenue in Warsaw, Indiana, annually.

Grace College emphasizes a biblical worldview and teaches our students to own their faith and to recognize Scripture as the Word of God.

100% Undergraduates Receive Financial Aid
100% of Grace College Graduates receive financial aid through a combination of grants, scholarships, and loans.

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • “Grace’s Department of Engineering has made me appreciate the work of engineers all around the world. I’ve come to understand that you can make a huge contribution anywhere you go. We all have a role to play; we are each a piece of the puzzle that comes together and betters the world.”

    • Pavle Popovic
  • “Working as a co-op at a small orthopedic company in Warsaw this summer, I have gained such valuable real-world experience of engineering in the med-tech industry. I made initial contact with the company through a class project at Grace wherein we were asked to research and present a proposal. This summer, I have been given real responsibility—not just grunt work—and the opportunity to accomplish tasks needed by the company! I am very thankful for this co-op experience.”

    • Natalie Gerber