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Winona Lake, IN

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We are so glad that you’ve come across Grace College! Our students come from a variety of backgrounds. We know your path forward has endless options, but we want to walk with you in your college search. You’ll find that the way we do things at Grace is not like the others; we are a unique community that is academically innovative and exceptionally welcoming. We want to be a part of your journey!

Here are some of the ways of Grace.

Christ-centered community
Jesus Christ is not just someone we talk about—He is the reason for the ways of Grace and why our campus is a safe and welcoming space for all. We strive to be followers of Him and to be manifestations of His kindness, excellence, and grace to the world.  

Seeking knowledge from every corner of the earth
At Grace, opportunities are borderless. Our students come from 35 states and 11 countries. We offer myriad ways to take your studies and passions overseas, immersing in new cultures, speaking new languages, broadening your horizons—and most importantly, bringing those powerful perspectives back to campus to integrate and include.

This manifests itself through CDI (the Council for Diversity and Inclusion), which hosts several groups that connect students of color and other minority demographics to one another. These groups include International Club, La Fiesta, Korean Club, and BSA (Black Student Association). You willalso take Global Perspectives as a core class because cultural sensitivity and appreciation is one of our core values. 

3-year bachelor’s and 4-year master’s degree options
We know that cost is a large factor when considering a college. Here you can reduce your cost of tuition by 25% with the ability to earn nearly any bachelor’s degree in just three years! With over 90 majors and minors to choose from, you are sure to find a degree that suits you. We also offer a wide range of master’s programs.

If you choose a three-year bachelor’s degree, you can add a master’s degree and complete both in just four years total. This will lighten your financial burden and free you up tomany possibilities after college! 

Thoughtful scholarship and career preparation
Our expert faculty will push you toward your highest potential byconnecting you with internships and providing the classroom experiences you need to confidently step into a career. 

Over the past five years, our students have generated over $800,000 through paid internships—a great way for students to network with professionals in their field and build their résumés. You’ll also have the ability to study abroad or go on a cross-cultural trip. This is the way we do academics. 

Fierce competition
Sports are a universal language. Athletics bring our students together, and there are plenty of sports to choose from at Grace! For top-notch competition, you can try out for one of our NCAA/NAIA varsity or JV teams. For something a little more relaxed, choose from our 18 club and intramural sports. 

A legacy of grace
At the end of your time at Grace, we want you to feel empowered, equipped, and encouraged to lead a life of purpose. Our greatest joy is when you step confidently into your calling and leave a legacy of grace.

If you have any questions, pleasecall us at 866-974-7223 or visit our website at


• 180-acre campus
• 1,236 undergraduate students
• 23:1 student-faculty ratio
• 90+ majors and minors
• 100+ student clubs, organizations, and events
• 17 varsity men’s and women’s sports
• 338 student-athletes
• 52 NAIA scholar-athletes
• 18 club and intramural sports
• 286 applied learning experiences
• 99% of undergraduates receiving financial aid
• 96% career placement

• Accounting
• Actuarial Science
• Agribusiness
• Art 
• Bible
• Bible Translation 
• Biblical Studies
• Biology
• Business Administration
• Business Education
• Chemistry
• Communication 
• Counseling
• Criminal Justice
• Digital Communication
• Digital Marketing
• Educational Ministries
• Elementary Education 
• Elementary Education/Mild Intervention Licensure
• English
• English Education
• Entrepreneurial Management 
• Environmental Biology
• Environmental Science
• Environmental Studies
• Exercise Science
• Facility and Event Management
• Finance 
• French
• French Education
• Health Science
- Pre-chiropractic
- Pre-dental
- Pre-medicine (MD or DO)
- Pre-occupational Therapy
- Pre-optometry
- Pre-pharmacy 
- Pre-physical Therapy
- Pre-physician’s Assistant
- Pre-podiatry
- Pre-veterinary
• History
• Illustration
• Information Systems
• Intercultural Studies
• Interdisciplinary Studies
• International Business 
• Journalism
• Life Science Education
• Management
• Management of Information Systems
• Marketing
Math Education—Secondary
• Mathematics 
• Mathematics and Computing
• Mechanical Engineering
• Media Arts
• Nursing 
• Photography
• Political Science
• Psychology
• Science
• Social Studies Education and History
• Sociology
• Spanish
• Spanish Education
• Sport Business 
• Sport Management
• Sport Marketing
• Sport Ministry 
• Sport Psychology
• Urban Ministry Studies 
• Visual Communication Design
• Web Design and Development
• World Languages 
• Worship Arts
- Contemporary Music
- Music Technology
- Theatre Arts
- Visual Art/Design
- Worship Leadership
- Worship Music Director 
• Youth Ministry

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