Grace College

Winona Lake, IN

Grace College

Winona Lake, IN

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A Christ-centered community
At Grace College, Jesus Christ isn’t just someone we talk about — He is the reason for the ways of Grace. We strive to be followers of Him in everything we do, exploring His kindness, excellence, and grace through Growth Groups, Chapel, and classes. But what exactly do these things look like? 

Growth groups that support
Your growth group is a small, intimate group on your hall that gathers weekly and walks closely with you through the ups and downs of life. Every Wednesday night, you’ll gather with your growth group to share life, get in the Word, and pray together. 

Chapel that inspires
Genuine Worship. Corporate Prayer. Dynamic Speakers. Engaging Panels. This is the way we do chapel. Our chapels meet three times a week: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Our chapels are truly student-led. Coordinated by our student chapel team, students can be involved in chapel at all levels—from leading worship, introducing speakers, filming and running the sound.

Education that seeks truth
We believe in education that pursues truth. Our professors integrate faith in every degree we have, so whether you’re studying intercultural studies or environmental science, we see it all as a means to worship the Creator of all things. Many of our professors start class with prayer, and some even include weekly devotions. At Grace, we know that the classroom is more than a place of knowledge; it is also a place of spiritual formation. 

Faith that flourishes
Our deepest desire is that you grow in your personal walk with Christ while you are here. That’s why everything we do is aimed at helping you become a person who chases after God in every area of your life. With many campus ministry teams to get involved in and many local churches to be a part of, the opportunities to serve are endless!


Grace’s campus sits on the top of a hill that overlooks the quaint, picturesque village of Winona Lake, Indiana. And according to, Winona Lake is “one of the best places to live in Indiana"

Highlights at Grace

Grace College emphasizes a biblical worldview and teaches our students to own their faith and to recognize Scripture as the Word of God.

100+ Academic Programs
Grace College offers a variety of courses and programs to prepare students to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

We have a test-optional admission policy. Now you can choose whether or not your test scores best represent your academic ability.

100% Undergraduates Receive Financial Aid
100% of Grace College Graduates receive financial aid through a combination of grants, scholarships, and loans.

45% Graduate in Less Than Four Years
Many of our students take advantage of our three-year degree option which saves you time and money.

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • “I’m so glad I chose Grace. I wouldn’t have made it through college without the people who poured into me and showed me God’s love at Grace. Whether it was a professor, an RD, or someone in the Counseling Center, I was constantly reminded of Christ’s love, a love that I didn’t really deserve.”

    • Jessica James
  • “I am so grateful for the accelerated program! I’m excited to work on both my undergraduate and graduate degrees simultaneously. In addition to the monetary savings, I’m very grateful for my advisor and the community that he’s cultivated.”

    • Kennedy Parker
  • "Since graduating from Grace, my journey has included a fulfilling 23-year career in orthopedics and serving as the president of the Americas for Zimmer Biomet. My education prepared me for my career and shaped my relationship with God and the world.”

    • Robert Delp
  • “At the heart of Grace is really strong relationships. It was a safe space to grow, develop skills, and get the support that I needed. I’m still so grateful for all that Grace did to put me on the path to my career and life.”

    • Kathryn Joachim