Grace College

Winona Lake, IN

Grace College

Winona Lake, IN

Creativity: a chance to emulate the artistic excellence of our Creator.

Being made in His image means that we have a desire to be like Him in the creative process. Because our creativity is an act of worship, our work is bonded with our faith. 

The goal of our Visual, Performing, and Media Arts Department is to provide students with  studies, practice, and experience from a Christ-centered perspective. We help guide our students to produce excellent creative work, use relevant tools and technology, and articulate analytical perceptions in theoretical, cultural, and stylistic contexts.

The Visual, Performing, and Media Arts faculty is dedicated to assisting students in defining their calling as artists, Christians, and professionals. Through gifts of creative expression, students become servant leaders in our culturally diverse world—to open doors for hope, understanding, and collaborative change. We offer a range of visual arts majors to empower our students to do so. 

Visual Communication Design
This major is similar to graphic design and offers structured concentrations for study in design or illustration. 

Art and Visual Culture
This major focuses on the breadth of studio art informed by art historical and contemporary cultural perspectives. The major is designed to develop the student’s visual sensitivity and technical skills through theoretical research and creative practice.

An interdisciplinary approach to the study of the visual arts and our natural ecosystems which examines visual art theory and practice, environmental studies and ethics, and government and social constructs and provides the framework for students to explore environmental issues on a local, regional, and global scale. 

Media Arts
The media arts major incorporates advanced digital-based visual imaging, concepts, and applications in visual communication design, motion graphics, web-based media, and fundamental audio/visual media design and production. 

We provide students a foundation for understanding photographic techniques, processes used within the industry, and relationships between visual disciplines and culture. 


Grace’s campus sits on the top of a hill that overlooks the quaint, picturesque village of Winona Lake, Indiana. And according to, Winona Lake is “one of the best places to live in Indiana"

Highlights of Grace

Grace College emphasizes a biblical worldview and teaches our students to own their faith and to recognize Scripture as the Word of God.

100+ Academic Programs
Grace College offers a variety of courses and programs to prepare students to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

We have a test-optional admission policy. Now you can choose whether or not your test scores best represent your academic ability.

100% Undergraduates Receive Financial Aid
100% of Grace College Graduates receive financial aid through a combination of grants, scholarships, and loans.

45% Graduate in Less Than Four Years
Many of our students take advantage of our three-year degree option which saves you time and money.

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • “Grace has been such an amazing experience for me in so many ways, and there have been numerous faculty members who have been instrumental in developing and refining my skills as an artist. Professor Winey taught me not to take the path of least resistance in creativity. He wants us to do the work of researching, brainstorming and sketching before creating the final product so that the end result is powerful.”

    • Mitchell Bowen
  • “Grace connected me with an internship at Paragon medical. That internship helped confirm that a graphic design degree was the right choice and assured me that design was absolutely what I wanted to do. I felt so fortunate to get that opportunity while at Grace.” 

    • Kathryn Joachim