What happens when Critical Minds meet compassionate hearts? Come find out.


Transparent Affordability:
Our Four-Year Tuition Plan

At UD, you’ll know the cost of a four-year education up front. UD grants and scholarships increase each year to offset any tuition increases, so your net tuition stays the same all four years.

Most universities charge you fees for labs, courses, orientation, etc. At UD, there are no surcharges, fees, or hidden expenses. There are no surprises here.

70% of students nationally have reported skipping buying books because of costs. At UD, if you visit campus and file the FAFSA, you can receive a textbook scholarship worth up to $4,000 over four years.

Because of our transparent tuition plan, graduates leave UD with an average student loan debt that’s below the national average for private four-year universities.

Business Majors
• Accounting
• Business Economics
• Discover Business
• Entrepreneurship
• Finance
• International Business Management
• Management Information Systems
• Marketing
• Operations and Supply Management

Through our Bachelor’s Plus Master’s program, you can earn a master’s degree in Accounting, Business Administration, or Finance at an accelerated pace.

You can add a minor in Business Administration, Business Analytics, Business Intelligence, or Cybersecurity.


We have the #11 Entrepreneurship program in the nation.

Approximately 85% of students live on campus. It’s one of the reasons our students are among the happiest in the nation.

95% of our students find success within six months of graduation.

Get ready to make your elevator pitch. Our annual Business Plan Competition offers the chance to win $65,000 in cash prizes to launch your start-up. 

Our students manage more than $20 million of the University’s endowment.

When’s the game? Our Division I athletics offer thrills for athletes and spectators alike.

With more than 8,000 full-time undergraduates, a 15:1 student-faculty ratio and an average class size of 26

We are constantly interacting with and inspired by one another.

We were the first American university to open its doors in Suzhou Industrial Park in China—home to over a third of the world’s Fortune 500 companies. 

We’re the #1 Catholic university for sponsored engineering research and development.


At the University of Dayton, you’ll go beyond learning and learn by doing good in the world. Students take what they’ve learned in the classroom and apply course work in ways that build community and solve the critical issues facing society today.

Whether you jet across the globe to install water purification systems in Uganda, study business for a semester in China, or volunteer a few miles away at a local school, you’ll make the world a better place while you learn.

As a Princeton Review top 20 school for internships, we find ways to help you discover who you’re called to be so you can lead a life of purpose and fulfillment. At the University of Dayton, we know you’ll become a key member of a community united by shared beliefs, inspired ideas, and diverse perspectives.

As a Marianist Catholic institution, we aim to educate the whole person—creating a unique community of curious minds and compassionate hearts. We constantly use what we learn and apply it in our own backyard and around the world to make a difference in the lives of others. 

At the University of Dayton, we know we live in a world of endless possibility. So go ahead, ask the big questions. Let's work toward the common good together.