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#BeExceptional at the University of Mount Union

Exceptional is the standard at Mount Union. This private university, grounded in the liberal arts tradition and emboldened by market-smart, career-savvy options, delivers a classic college experience—plus so much more.

A Mount Union education delivers a high-quality curriculum featuring an array of majors such as Engineering, Nursing, Psychology, and Theatre. While supported by a world-class faculty, you’ll forge an intellectual foundation for lifelong learning and success.

Whatever your abilities and previous experience, a Mount Union education will enhance your leadership skills through classroom learning, hands-on experiences, and engagement on campus. Live what you learn and build valuable career skills that will prepare you for today’s realities and tomorrow’s challenges. 

Why Engineering at Mount Union?
Mount Union offers undergraduate Engineering degrees in Bio
medical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering. The School of Engineering distinguishes itself by including the four pillars of exceptional engineering education in its curriculum—hands-on, real-world engineering; an international engineering field experience; the integration of engineering knowledge with essential business skills; and the building of effective leaders and communicators.

ABET-accredited programs
Civil Engineering
Our Civil Engineering degree will expose you to community-based engineering, which will allow you to work on projects with local and international communities. A strong focus on math and science and depth in technology are integrated into classroom studies to make you a creative and innovative problem solver.

Mechanical Engineering
Our Mechanical Engineering degree provides the academic foundation and career preparation you need for a rewarding career in this field. You will develop the critical-thinking skills to solve complex problems, understand how things work in the world, and create the next technological innovations to help society.

Recently launched programs
Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical engineers are integral in the development and innovation of equipment, devices, and computer systems and software in the health care field. Our Biomedical Engineering degree integrates engineering principles and design concepts with medical and biological sciences to advance health care treatment. You will foster an innovative mindset while developing the knowledge necessary to make a successful impact in this rewarding and high-growth field.

Computer Engineering
Computer engineers are continually making computing systems faster, smaller, more reliable, and more mobile. Our Computer Engineering degree integrates electrical engineering and computer science to design, build, and test computing systems. You will develop the innovative mindset and crucial knowledge necessary to successfully impact this rewarding and high-paying field.

Electrical Engineering
Electrical engineers are at the forefront
of all electronic systems. Our Electrical Engineering degree is a broad discipline that permeates every aspect of our lives, ranging from electricity to telecommunications. You will develop the crucial and influential knowledge needed to impact this in-demand field.

These programs will seek accreditation by
following the timeline outlined by ABET when the first students graduate. Expected accreditation will allow graduates to assert graduation from an ABET-accredited program.

The sciences at Mount Union
At Mount Union, we offer a number of programs in the sciences that are geared toward preparing students for career success or further study after graduation.

The Biochemistry degree focuses on the chemical and physical principles of living things and biological processes, including reproduction, growth, and disease.

Our Biology degree will provide you with an understanding of life as a process while you gain an in-depth understanding of how external factors influence different types of organisms.

Our Chemistry degree offers a wide range of fundamental knowledge in many fields of chemistry, preparing you for either a career as a professional chemist or setting a strong foundation for advanced studies such as medicine.

Environmental Science
Our Environmental Science degree will expose you to in-depth scientific study as well as economics, ethics, and policy through the lens of environmental perspective as you learn to solve environmental issues.

Our Geology degree tackles challenging scientific problems involving the environment, natural resources, and man-made and natural hazards.

Medical Laboratory Science
Our Medical Laboratory Science degree explores chemistry, genetics, microbiology, and the unity and diversity of life as you prepare for your final year in clinical training with an affiliated hospital.

Our Physics degree blends theory, experimentation, and exploration while you master the fundamental principles of the subatomic and the universe to understand how they behave. 



Your future starts here
An investment with proven results
Our more than 18,000 alumni worldwide stand as proof that a Mount Union education is a
worthwhile investment. In fact, among members of the 2018 graduating class, 95%* of those self-reporting had started a professional position, had been accepted to graduate school, or were pursuing further education all in an average of 1.7 months after graduation. It doesn’t get much more convincing than that.

The conversation about cost
Don’t let concerns about the cost of college keep you from exploring this exceptional investment in your future. Our tuition is over 11% below the average cost of similar private institutions in Ohio, and we were recently named one of the “Best Colleges for Your Money” by Money magazine. In addition, 98% of undergraduate students receive some form of financial aid, and our average financial aid package is $27,031.
* Statistics based on the results of the annual First Destination Report, with 76% of the Class of 2018 self-reporting

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