University of Mount Union

Alliance, OH

University of Mount Union

Alliance, OH

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Science & Engineering Diversity

Science & Engineering Profile

Exceptional is the standard at Mount Union

The University of Mount Union is a private university grounded in the liberal arts tradition and emboldened by market-smart, career-savvy options that delivers a classic college experience—plus so much more.

The University’s School of Engineering offers undergraduate degrees in Biomedical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering. The School distinguishes itself by integrating the Four Pillars of Exceptional Engineering Education into its curriculum: hands-on, real-world engineering; international engineering field experiences; the integration of engineering with essential business skills; and the building of effective leaders and communicators. 

Civil Engineering
Our Civil Engineering program will expose you to community-based engineering, allowing you to work on projects with local and international communities. A strong focus on math, science, and depth of technology is integrated into classroom studies to make you a creative and innovative problem solver. 

Mechanical Engineering
Our Mechanical Engineering major provides the academic foundation for a rewarding career in the field. You’ll develop critical-thinking skills to solve complex problems, understand how machines work, and create the next technological innovations that’ll help society. 

Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical engineers are integral to the development and innovation of equipment, devices, and computer systems and software for the health care field. Our Biomedical Engineering major integrates engineering principles and design concepts with medical and biological sciences to advance health care treatment. 

Computer Engineering
Computer engineers are continuously making computing systems faster, smaller, more reliable, and more mobile. Our Computer Engineering program integrates electrical engineering and computer science to teach you how to design, build, and test computing systems. You’ll develop an innovative mindset and crucial knowledge to successfully impact this rewarding and high-paying field. 

Electrical Engineering
Electrical engineers are at the forefront of all electronic systems. Our Electrical Engineering program covers all elements of this broad discipline that permeates every aspect of our lives, from electricity to telecommunications.



Ranked #10 among the “Best Colleges in the Midwest” | U.S. News & World Report

The College of Natural & Health Sciences

The University of Mount Union’s College of Natural & Health Sciences helps meet the demands of society and address critical shortages of health care and science professionals. The College offers rigorous, high-quality curricula designed to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead within these high-demand fields. The College also serves the largest number of students at Mount Union—diverse students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, on campus and through online learning. Majors include Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Exercise Science, Environmental Science, Geology, Medical Laboratory Science, Neuroscience, Nursing, and Psychology.

Mount Fast Facts

• 2,200+ undergraduate and graduate students
• 56 majors and over 55 minors offered
• 98%+ placement rate to graduate schools or careers in the engineering industry
• International engineering field experience opportunities available

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • “I want to take my career in the direction of improving nutrition with the biomedical experience I gain, or I’ll go the prosthetics route of Biomedical Engineering to help people and animals live a new life.”

    • Corenna Maynard ’22
      Biomedical Engineering
  • “After meeting with Engineering faculty at Mount Union, I realized the importance of small classes and the many opportunities to get involved hands-on in every class and activity I join.”

    • Dana Lucas ’22
      Mechanical Engineering and Physics
  • “My ultimate career goal is to become a doctor and eventually volunteer abroad with an organization like Doctors Without Borders. Mount is preparing me by utilizing academically rigorous course loads, opportunities such as studying abroad, and so much more!”

    • Santino Diaz-Palma ’22
      Biochemistry and Spanish