Belmont University

Nashville, TN

Belmont University, founded in 1890, is a interdenominational Christian university, on a 77-acre campus located in southeast Nashville.

School Profiles: Undergrad Science & Engineering Christian Life

Science & Engineering Profile

From here to.... ANYWHERE


Belmont University College of Sciences & Mathematics 

Undergraduate Majors:
• Applied Mathematics
• Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Computer Science
• Engineering Physics
• Environmental Science
• Mathematics
• Neuroscience
• Pharmaceutical Studies
• Physics
• Physics Pre-health
• Psychology
• Web Programming & Development

Pre-professional Programs:
• Pre-allied Health
• Pre-dental
• Pre-medical
• Pre-occupational Therapy
• Pre-optometry
• Pre-pharmacy
• Pre-physical Therapy
• Pre-veterinary

Undergraduate Research in Leading-Edge Facilities
The Janet Ayers Academic Center contains state-of-the-art instructional spaces and research laboratories for the natural sciences, computer science, and mathematics, containing 20 science labs outfitted with more than $2 million in equipment, including:

• State-of-the-art spectrometers used for the interrogation of gold and silver nanoparticles

• Ecology/zoology/botany labs used in the study of population genetics, animal behavior, and exotic invasive species

• Anatomy and physiology labs that allow students to study human anatomy 

• Organic chemistry lab used to synthesize enzymes that harvest energy from plant material

• State-of-the-art instrumentation laboratory used by research students from across the College

• Zebrafish lab used to investigate the neuroscience behind learning and memory 

• Microscopy suite used to study cellular activity using immunohistochemistry, light, and fluorescence microscopy

• Tissue culture lab used to research chemotherapies used in the treatment of cancer

• Learning laboratory used to study animal behavior and cognition

• Physiological laboratory where students measure brain waves, reaction times, and other forms of biofeedback 

• Cognition and perception laboratory that investigates the brain as a complex computing system with eye-tracking and oculus devices

At many universities, undergraduate access to this kind of specialized equipment is limited. But at Belmont, our research facilities are used year-round exclusively by our undergraduate students, in both teaching and research laboratories. 

Why choose Belmont?
Belmont is a Christian university located in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, nestled just a few miles from downtown and organizations that focus on careers in the sciences, health sciences, and technology. 

We are the largest Christian university in Tennessee and among the fastest-growing in the nation, offering over 120 programs of study with more than 8,300 undergraduate and graduate students from all 50 states and over 36 countries.

Every aspect of Belmont—from the robust academic environment
to the full range of activities—focuses on possibility. Students thrive in Belmont’s caring Christian environment. Belmont believes that every student is created for a purpose in life, and we are committed to helping students realize their potential. It’s a small wonder so many students tell us they find themselves—and what they mean to the world—here. 

What makes science and math at Belmont unique?
The College of Sciences and Mathematics at Belmont University is comprised of the departments of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science, and Psychological Science and is dedicated solely to undergraduate instruction in the sciences. Our faculty excel at developing personal relationships with students and providing opportunities to engage hands-on in the process of science.

The College is housed in Belmont’s $76 million Janet Ayers Academic Center, which boasts modern classrooms, well-equipped teaching laboratories, dedicated undergraduate research space, and state-of-the-art instrumentation facilities. Students benefit from instruction in a small-classroom setting by faculty dedicated to teaching undergraduate science students, coupled with opportunities to engage in one-on-one mentored undergraduate research.

Typically students conduct at least
two semesters of research and have the opportunity to present their findings at national or regional scientific conferences as well as the annual Belmont Undergraduate Research Symposium. A variety of opportunities are offered for students to engage in research during the academic year and during the summer. In addition, students may participate in experiential learning activities through science- and math-related student organizations, internships, study abroad, and service learning.

Come and see
Everything about Belmont Universityis geared toward giving you the freedom to develop your unique strengths and gifts so you can change your world. College of Sciences and Mathematics faculty and staff are dedicated to providing the experiences that make our students highly sought after by graduate programs and employers alike.

The combination of excellent instruction in the sciences, including undergraduate research opportunities, and a strong liberal arts core prepares our students with these skills and makes them competitive for employment or graduate study at the national level.

Come experience our community
for yourself. Talk to students, faculty, and admission staff. Take a tour, visit a class, and see why we boldly claim that Belmont can take you from here to anywhere!