Bishop's University

Sherbrooke, Quebec, CN

Bishop's University

Sherbrooke, Quebec, CN

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Be Curious. Be Purple. BU.

Located in the beautiful Eastern Townships of the province of Quebec, Canada, Bishop’s University is truly unique, offering its students an undergraduate university experience like no other. Ever since its founding in 1843, our approach to education can be summed up in one word: engagement. Bishop’s connects students to an array of outstanding learning opportunities, including internships and exceptional training experiences. These opportunities enable students to strengthen their skills and obtain valuable, hands-on professional experience while completing their academic studies. Our students enjoy being able to specialize in their fields while still having the flexibility to choose courses from other disciplines. We encourage you to explore multiple interests!

With approximately 3,000 students, Bishop’s offers a learning environment where classes are intimate and students receive personalized attention from their professors. We’re an English university in a French community, so while students don’t need to know a word of French upon arrival, our environment offers the ability to learn, improve, or become fully bilingual in both languages.

Bishop’s creates a unique social environment for its students, one that fosters personal growth. This supportive atmosphere nurtures students and helps transform them into confident and skilled leaders who are ready to make a difference in this world. Outside of class, students get involved in campus life, creating a wonderful sense of community. A plethora of activities and facilities exist both on campus and in the general area: a newly renovated full recreation and athletics facility, over 120 kilometers of hiking and biking trails, two theaters, an art gallery, music recital and practice facilities, a convenience store, a bookstore, cafés, two libraries, seven residences, a medical clinic, and much more. And to top it all off, our beautiful storybook-like campus is located in one of the most inspiring regions of the country, with many outdoor activities available in the area, including eight ski hills within two hours. Bishop’s is a fantastic place to live and study! 

Be Curious. Be Purple. BU.


Bishop’s is an English-language university located in Lennoxville, a largely anglophone community within Sherbrooke, a predominantly Francophone, mid-sized city rich in culture, history, and diversity.

The strength of the Eastern Townships lies in the vibrancy of its bilingual cultural scene and its access to the charming incredible countryside of the region.

For those students looking to balance their academic journey with an exploration of sights, tastes, and sounds, take a look at some of the wonders to discover of this beautiful region!

At a Glance

• Founded in 1843
• 550-acre campus
• 106 programs
• 24:1 student-to-faculty ratio
• Average class size: 40
• 19% international students from 74 countries
• Student exchange opportunities in 30+ countries
• 22,000+ alumni

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • "I feel like this is where I was meant to be. Every student is part of the Gaiter community and, above all, we have access to a liberal education, which means the freedom to choose, autonomy, and just true passion!"

    • Valentin Bach ’19
  • "When I first came to Bishop’s, everyone told me how incredible it was. Looking back on my four years, I never could have imagined just how incredible it would turn out to be!"

    • Lauren Audas
  • "Bishop’s isn’t a school where you float alone through your degree. It’s a school where you’re continuously inspired and supported by each and every person around you. Being a Gaiter is being part of a family."

    • Kate Halliday ’17
  • "You’d have a hard time walking across campus without bumping into someone you know. No one could hide the Bishop’s community spirit even if they wanted to!"

    • Jonah Fogg ’20