Covenant College

Lookout Mountain, GA

Covenant College

Lookout Mountain, GA

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Undergrad Christian Life

Unapologetically Academic, Authentically Christian

Covenant College offers a distinctly Christian liberal arts education on a residential campus. With a foundation in community and a focus on the integration of faith and learning, Covenant College is spiritually nourishing and academically challenging. We equip students with the skills and experiences they need to lead successful lives and careers.

Our approach to the college experience is holistic; we don’t ask students to put their faith on pause when they enter the classroom, nor do we demand that their intellects remain passive while in chapel. Instead, we involve, challenge, and develop the entire student through three mutually reinforcing pillars: academic excellence, spiritual formation, and professional development. While we’re focused on developing students for their professional callings, we also foster an academically rigorous environment that supports, informs, and enriches each student’s walk with God—preparing our graduates to be change agents in their careers, churches, families, and communities.

Fast Facts

Founded: 1955

Location: Lookout Mountain (yes, a literal mountain), Georgia

Religious Affiliation: Presbyterian Church in America

See the World: Experience education in different countries via our study abroad programs in countries like Spain, Italy, France, Japan, Chile, and more

NCAA Division III Sports: Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Cross Country, Golf, Tennis, Track & Field, and Volleyball. GO SCOTS!

Our students experience an integrated faith and learning journey that is spiritually nourishing and academically challenging, equipping them with the skills and experiences they need to lead successful lives and careers.

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • “Covenant is equipping me with the critical-thinking skills I need to succeed in life. My classes are directly relevant to my career options and are truly engaging.”

    • Avery Patz '22
  • “The professors at Covenant genuinely care about us as students. It’s very encouraging to see your professors on campus and have them know your name.”

    • Baylie Sims ’22
  • “I enjoy learning about government systems around the world while looking at them through the lens of Scripture. At its core, political science is a picture of broken systems run by broken people who are in desperate need of a savior.”

    • Natalie Wallace '23
  • “My hallmates encouraged me to study when I felt lazy, to rest when I felt overwhelmed, and to remember that I’m a queen when I felt less than that.”

    • Viona Okwii Brown '22