Covenant College

Lookout Mountain, GA

Covenant College

Lookout Mountain, GA

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This is Covenant College

Providing individualized undergraduate education is what we do, and we do it exceptionally well.

Our gifted faculty are here to mentor you through the rigorous academic programs and challenges of college life. They offer so much more than lectures, assignments, and grades. They want to genuinely know you and encourage you to be the best you can be. What’s more, almost all of them hold terminal degrees from prestigious universities such as Stanford, Cal-Berkeley, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Cambridge, UNC, and Yale.

Being here matters
Part of what makes a Covenant education so powerful is our commitment to learning in close community. When you’re here, professors, support staff, and your peers take the time to know you and invest deeply in your learning experience and spiritual formation. In our tight-knit community, you will find a home where you can stretch yourself and grow.

A Christ-centered education
Covenant College is a learning community where students explore and express the preeminence of Jesus Christ in all creation and all of life.
We are unabashedly academic
A Covenant College education helps you develop:
• Critical-thinking and problem-solving skills
• Awareness of cultural diversity—understanding the world from a diverse set of perspectives
• Empathy and tools to learn about and communicate with others
Capstone project
At Covenant, students in every discipline dedicate a portion of their education to integrating their faith and scholarship into their senior year Capstone project, a work focused on an area, idea, or venture they are passionate about.

Center for Calling & Career
Scots Alumni have become district attorneys, Supreme Court clerks, physicians, pastors, applied mathematicians, artists, software engineers, educators, counter-terrorism experts, leaders of Fortune 500 companies, worship leaders, environmental scientists, fire chiefs, and entrepreneurs.
Grad school placement
Our graduates go on to attend outstanding graduate programs—places like Harvard Law, Columbia Law, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, Duke Medical School, UVA’s School of Public Policy, Cal-Berkeley’s PhD program in Economics, and Georgia Tech’s Computer Science program.

“The Engineering department trained me to be detail oriented and accurate, and my whole education at Covenant has challenged me to learn communication and presentation skills that really stand out in the workplace, especially in a scientific field!” 
— Elias Irick
’20, Pre-engineering
US Department of Energy Internship

Four years and a lifetime of friendships
Covenant College is:
• A place where extroverts, introverts, pastors’ kids, and those new to faith can all walk through life together and rejoice in their shared faith in Christ
• A place where you can be introduced to people and cultures that will broaden your perspective of the Church—being discipled and discipling others

A lively campus
Here are just a few of Covenant’s most iconic events that occur throughout the year:
• Jazz on the Overlook Dance
• Mac Movie Night Competition
• Spring Formal at the Hunter Museum of American Art
• The Highland Games at Scotland Yard
• Mistletoe Mingle
• Baker Tree Art Festival
We’re situated on Lookout Mountain, Georgia, and are blessed with both a scenic campus and a close connection with the city of Chattanooga—a town that is fun and a hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship.
Chattanooga is a short drive to Atlanta, Nashville, Birmingham, and Knoxville. 


Your whole self engaged: Chapel and community
Three times a week, the campus gathers together to worship. We
host nationally known speakers and authors, pastors from your hometown, and professors, staff, and students whose testimonies demonstrate the grace and mighty work of God.

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