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At OHIO, every student brings value to our community. We believe the Forever OHIO experience provides opportunities for Bobcats to find their people, learn from their peers and embrace expectations for engaging respectfully across differences.

That's why we talk about VISIBLE – the University's platform for making clear our expectations and aims related to diversity, equity and inclusion. VISIBLE represents our commitment to all Bobcats to be seen and heard. It also represents our commitment to providing the space and support for our students to be engaged, to be challenged and to grow. Because we know the harder we look, the more becomes visible. And the more we make visible, the more we see.

OHIO's Make Respect Visible campaign provides the campus community with the expectations for engaging and celebrating our differences. The pillars of Make Respect Visible include:
• Encourage Dialogue, Not Division
• Every Voice Counts
• Listen More, Judge Less
• Spread Ideas, Not Hate
• Respect Human Dignity
• You Can Disagree Respectfully

Together, we can uplift diverse identities, cultures, experiences and perspectives.



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At OHIO we know that the work of building this diverse and inclusive community is far more than a set of boxes to check or a series of events to attend. It happens in small steps and in big leaps, in both intimate one-on-one conversations and bold systemic actions. To succeed we must be both relentlessly intentional and open to spontaneous opportunities for learning, growth, and change

Multicultural Center
The Multicultural Center serves as a place of cultural teaching and learning. All programming is designed to increase human understanding through the study and expression of culture.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Center
Our LGBT Center serves and celebrates OHIO Bobcats of all genders and sexualities. Through trainings, educational collaborations, strategic communications, and campus-wide programming, we support LGBTQ+ learning, engagement, access, and well-being.

Women’s Center
The Women’s Center promotes inclusion, honors difference, and promotes academic achievement, active global citizenship, and substantive leadership positions for women. The center works to build confidence within women’s personal lives.

Office of Multicultural Success and Retention
OMSAR provides access to quality academic support, enriching social experiences, and a sense of community for multicultural student populations at Ohio University.

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