High Point University

High Point, NC

High Point University

High Point, NC

Preparing students to become tomorrow’s business professionals

The Earl N. Phillips School of Business (PSB) at High Point University is a vibrant business school with over 1,300 students. Our mission is simple, “to prepare our students to become tomorrow’s business professionals.” It keeps us focused on our core goal and competency—adding value to our students. We do this in a variety of ways, both inside and beyond the classroom. We use every opportunity to inspire our students to embark on a program of self-improvement and analysis using: 1) discovery, 2) differentiation, and 3) direction. This means discovering the many career avenues of opportunity available to them, differentiating themselves with unique skills and talents, and choosing the directions in which they would like to go.

High Point University and the Earl N. Phillips School of Business are deeply committed to the positive development and education of young people who possess the drive and potential to be successful, contributing members of society. We work with industry professionals to make sure our curriculum is pertinent and state-of-the-art.

Life skills
College is not just about developing skills for employment. It should be both intellectually rewarding and socially enjoyable. College should be a transformational experience involving developing intellectually, growing and maturing personally, challenging norms, and developing perspectives. Our mission, focus, and satisfaction are directly tied to the success of our students and alumni.

Your degree is not the thing that gets you a job
will get you a job. HPU is a life accelerator–compressing time and allowing you to amass a lifetime of experience in just four years. You begin your professional careers as soon as you arrive on campus. You graduate ready for the real world. And the real world wants you.

To learn more about the Earl N. Phillips School of Business, please explore our website and also visit our Facebook page.


Best Regional Badge

Ranked the #1 “Best Regional College” in the South for 10 consecutive years | U.S. News & World Report

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Ranked the #1 “Most Innovative College” in the South for seven consecutive years | U.S. News & World Report

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Ranked #4 in The Best 388 Colleges for “Best Dorms” in the country | The Princeton Review, 2023

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Ranked #3 out of 1,456 institutions for having the “Best Dorms in America” | Niche, 2023

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • “High Point University has exceeded every expectation. They raise the bar for the development of the individual, incorporating life skills from the very start. I encourage visiting HPU to see why it’s head and shoulders above the rest.”

  • “I’m a Biology major in the Honors College program at HPU. The curriculum is rigorous, and the professors are top-notch. The beautiful campus and amazing food are just an added bonus!”

  • “High Point is focused on a well-rounded education. In my time at High Point, a lot of the focus was on the skills you can learn outside the classroom. All the professors I had cared a lot about my education and were very supportive.”

  • “I chose High Point University because the professors are top-notch and the environment is caring. Students have the chance to engage in undergraduate research in their freshman year. Overall, it’s a beautiful campus.”

  • “What I loved most about High Point University was the focus on students as individuals rather than numbers. It's a smaller university, which often means fewer opportunities—but at HPU, it meant more individual attention from professors who, in turn, shared research and career-oriented opportunities with their students.”