Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Albany, NY

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Albany, NY

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Advancing health care for all

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (ACPHS) is a private, independent institution with a long tradition of academic and research excellence. The College’s mission is to educate the next generation of leaders to improve the health of our society. We’re here because we’re driven to discover everything that’s achievable through science, to turn curiosity into solutions, to find the next breakthrough—the next new cure—to explore the next frontier, and to advance the future of health care and medicine. We know this challenge isn’t for everyone, but that’s why it’s so important to us—because ultimately, our work is for everyone. It’s for all of humanity.

Never stop discovering
You're here because you're intrigued by the possibilities of science. You want to learn everything there is to discover about the human body. You want to play a key role in exploring the new frontier of health. To reach your own potential and use it to push humanity forward. There's tremendous potential in what we can accomplish together here, so let's get started. But you're not just here to start. You're here to never stop. Discover our programs here.



Ranked the #1 “value added” college in the nation | Wall Street Journal


Ranked #2 for alumni salaries after graduation, at an average of $124,700 | College Scorecard


Ranked #1 best college in NY for Return on Investment | Stacker

Albany College Programs

Undergraduate degrees
• BS in Biomedical Technology
• BS in Clinical Laboratory Sciences
• BS in Microbiology
• BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences
• BS in Public Health
• Doctor of Pharmacy (early assurance six-year program)

Graduate and professional degrees
• Doctor of Pharmacy (accelerated option available)
• MS in Biomanufacturing & Bioprocessing
• MS in Biomedical Sciences
• MS in Clinical Laboratory Sciences
• MS in Cytotechnology & Molecular Cytology
• MS in Molecular Biosciences
• MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Joint degrees
• BS/DMD (4+4)
• BS/DO (3+4 or 4+4)
• BS/JD (3+3)
• BS/MD (4+4)
• BS/PA (3.5+2.5)

An Inside Look

What students are saying about us...

  • “The instructors walked us through cases from workup to diagnosis. Our classes and labs were treated like a job.”

    • Lauren Sheffer '14
      Master's in Cytotechnology
  • “Being among students who will enter professional fields helped me stay on task and be motivated because the work you're doing matters."

    • Joseph Gottwald '16
      Mayo Medical School
  • “It's beneficial to be at a pharmacy school before going to medical school, I've learned physiology, pathophysiology, and pharmacology so I'll know what can go wrong with the human body and how medication can be used to treat it.”

    • Brandon LaPorte '17
      Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • “When I toured ACPHS, the guide spent time talking about her experiences instead of just trying to convince me to come here. I just felt like it was a place where I could see myself one day, and now I am here!”