What is Going to a Catholic School Like?

If you're wondering what going to a Catholic high school or college/university might be like, make sure you read this student's story!

If you’re wondering what going to a Catholic high school or college/university might be like, make sure you read this student’s story!

I have grown up Catholic and have always gone to Catholic school, but why did my parents choose that, you ask? They chose it because they wanted me to be formed into a well-educated person with a mature moral compass. And even though it may be different for everyone, you can get a good sense of what Catholic school might be like for you from my experience.

First, I'll tackle that "well-educated" part. Many private schools are known for their rigorous courses. But if you want to be academically challenged even further, I'd tell you to attend a Catholic school, whether that’s a private high school or college/university. A Catholic education will challenge you in more ways than one.

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In my experience, the students at a Catholic school will push you to do better and be better. Your peers will root for your success just as much as you desire it for yourself. The students around you often grow into the best friends you will ever have because they will provide you with a community like you've never had before. Not only that, but the teachers will care enough about you personally to encourage you to reach your full potential.

Now, for the "mature moral compass" part. Most Catholic schools will require all students to take some sort of theology or morality class before they can graduate. The idea behind having students take these classes is to grow their conscience. That might be a turn-off to some, but you might find you’re thanking the school later when you’re faced with moral dilemma and aren't sure what to do.

Of course, despite these unique aspects of a Catholic education, this is not to say that Catholic schools are completely opposite from secular institutions. In fact, I would say there are quite a few similarities between them, especially when it comes to Catholic colleges. And at the end of the day, you shouldn’t be scared of choosing a specifically Catholic school: Just because it's Catholic doesn’t mean you won't be able to make unique, fun friends. Just because it's Catholic doesn’t mean you won’t have a “traditional” college experience. Just because it's Catholic doesn’t mean you won’t have opportunities for Greek Life or parties. At a Catholic school, you will have just as much fun as you would at a secular school.

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I know, what you're thinking: "But Catholic schools are expensive!" To that I would say: most colleges will be more costly than you would like them to be—but a quality is usually worth the expense, if you are in a place where you can afford it. (This becomes even truer when you factor in college financial aid!) I do not usually condone incurring debt in undergrad, but if you think that you want a college experience that is not only eye opening but soul nourishing too, I think there's a Catholic school out there for you.

PS Sound like a good fit for you? You can explore Catholic colleges and universities that fit you here. And you can search for even more schools here.

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