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Baptist Colleges

These colleges are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Church.

The Experts' Choice: Superior Pre-med Programs

Where are the world's best pre-med programs? Right here.

FYI, this list is from

Schools Where Chess Is Popular

Checkmate. There's no beating these schools when chess is the game.

Member Colleges of the Oak Ridge Consortium

This huge consortium is just for doctorate-granting institutions. Undergraduate schools need not apply.

Consortium for Innovative Environments in Learning

The colleges and universities listed below are members of the Consortium for Innovative Environments in Learning. According to the consortium, the 12 member ...

Colleges Offering Community Service Scholarships

Are you at the hospital every Saturday in your candy striper uniform? Entering first-year students who are active in high school community service projects ...

Highest Undergraduate Participation in Study Abroad at Doctoral/Research Universities

How do they even find the time to study abroad with all their research? Those students must know something that we don't.

Additional Schools with Excellent Diving Programs

The athletes at these schools fly through the air and smash headfirst into the water without even a second thought. Check out the schools with excellent ...

Community Colleges Awarding the Most Degrees in Security and Protective Services

Keepin' the world safe by turning out the most well-trained graduates in security and protective services, like law enforcement.

Most Men's Regatta Wins

It's not the oldest collegiate sport for nothing. These men fly across the water. The following shows the number of times these colleges have won the ...

Colleges in the Associated Kyoto Program

Fire-red temples, Mount Fuji, and the world's best sushi, hands down: who wouldn't to study in Japan? These schools sponsor students for an entire year in ...

Accredited Programs in Forensic Science

Get your CSI on. These programs are accredited by the AAFS Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC).