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Colleges that Change Lives

These schools aren't your keg-infested animal houses. In Colleges that Change Lives: 40 Schools that Will Change the Way You Think About College ...

Colleges for the Socially Liberal

Some may call you a left-wing nut, but you prefer to think of yourself as progressive and passionate. These are colleges where liberal students are happy.

Public Schools With the Greatest Percentage of Out-of-State First-Year Students

These universities must be doing something right, because students go the distance, literally, to attend.

Alma Maters of NBA Giants

Here's where these players and coaches got their first taste of March Madness.

Colleges That Prepare Students for a Career in the Golf Industry

These colleges prepare students for careers as professionals in the golf industry. Careers include Head Golf Professional, Director of Golf, Teaching ...

Colleges with Strength in Handball

Handball? Yep. It's an Olympic sport. And these colleges excel in it.

The Pacific 12

The Pac-12 possibly has one of the best team names in all of college sports: The Ducks. Have you ever seen angry ducks attack someone? Not a pretty sight.

Where You Don't Need to be Needy to Get Financial Aid

Todd Fothergill knows his stuff. He's an expert on financial aid and educational consultant based in New Hampshire. We asked him which schools would give ...

Colleges Providing a Fast Track to Becoming a Doctor

There are colleges that make it easier to become a medical doctor by cutting down the time it takes to get an undergraduate degree and also a medical ...

Colleges that Have Pass/Fail in the First Year

It's sink or swim during freshman year at these colleges and universities.

Top Schools for Women's Gymnastics

These schools rake in championships like Nadia Comaneci took in gold medals. These colleges had the highest number of women's national gymnastics titles ...

West Virginia Hidden Gems

Think you know every college out there? Think again. Here are some diamonds in the rough from The Mountain State.

Where Most Students Live Off Campus

Need a place to call your own? So do the students at these universities. The percentage of students who live off campus is listed after the name of the college.

Where Money Is Given to Students Without Financial Need

Smart, talented, driven students deserve a tuition break, whether they have financial need or not. You know the kids we're talking about, the ones who are ...