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The "I Can't Believe I Can Get in There" List

Yeah, we can't believe it either! These prestigious colleges accept a wide range of applicants based on a wide variety of criteria.

Four-Year Schools in California with Articulation Agreements

These are the four-year schools in The Golden State accepting articulation agreements. Check with each school you're considering to confirm which community ...

Colleges where Students with Learning Disabilities Can (and Do) Make It

As an expert on learning disabilities programs, Melinda Kopp knows more than we do--we can admit it! She's a Denver-based educational consultant, and she ...

Top 10 Ivy League Alternatives

You know the Fiske Guides, right? Edward B. Fiske, the former New York Times education editor and all-around college guru, has produced a bunch of ...

Alma Maters of Authors

Here are the places authors developed their writing chops (or just found the crazy things to write about).

Colleges that Are Members of the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome

Your football stadium at home will look pretty lame after living across the street from the Coliseum, but it's a small price to pay.

4-Year Colleges with the Largest Enrollment of American Indian or Alaska Native Students

We dug through our database to find the total enrollment of American Indian or Alaska Native students at each four-year college and university. This is the ...

Great Private Colleges for the Underachiever

Okay, so no one ever accused you of giving 110% in high school. But that doesn't mean you don't want to go to college and do well. If you haven't pushed ...

Colleges Where Geek is Chic

If pocket protectors are a staple of your wardrobe, have we got the list for you! Here are the colleges where taped glasses are considered a fashion statement.

Colleges With Successful Women's Division I Softball

Check out the competition at the schools with the best softball programs.

Making a Difference Colleges

At these schools, going to Belize to build homes is a normal Saturday afternoon. These are colleges included in Making A Difference Colleges by ...