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Great Public Liberal Arts Colleges

A liberal arts education means studying varied subjects to become a truly well-rounded scholar, and a lot of people associate this course of study with ...

Institutions of Excellence in the First-Year College Experience

Freshman year doesn't have to be all awkwardness and general education courses. These schools really make the first year count. Okay, so there still might ...

Liberal Arts Colleges Promoting Information Exchange

The Consortium of Liberal Arts Colleges was "chartered to explore and promote the use of information technology in the service of our liberal arts ...

Military Colleges

You might hear "Drop and give me 20!" before class. No big deal. You're still going to get a great highly structured education.

Popular For-Profit Universities

Some people say for-profit schools don't provide a high-quality education. Others say the business model used by for-profit colleges provides incentives to ...

The Experts' Choice: Colleges with Unique Calendars

The schools on this list won't be boxed in by the typical two-semester system.

The Experts' Choice: Unusual Majors

We asked college counselors for schools with crazy, unique, "I can't believe that's a major!" majors.

The Most Innovative College Academic Programs

Common classes, traditional grades, structured curricula: these colleges and universities throw it all out the window. Just don't get too excited when they ...

The North American Alliance for Green Education

These are the members of the North American Alliance for Green Education. They are tree huggers on a mission!

Top Colleges in Graduate and Professional Education

The schools on this list make up the Association of American Universities, and they really are some of the best graduate schools in the world.

Atlantic Coast Conference Colleges Ranked by Percentage of Undergraduate Students to Total Enrollment

The percentage of undergraduates sometimes indicates how much TLC they receive from their school. Check out the stats below and see what you think.

Big 12 Conference Colleges Ranked by Percentage of Undergraduate Students to Total Enrollment

These 10 athletic heavyweight schools really make the South sizzle. You heard correct, there are only 10 schools in the Big 12.

Ivy League Colleges Ranked by Percentage of Undergraduates to Total Enrollment

Not as many undergrads are flocking to the ivy-covered gates as you might expect, huh? *Note: Columbia University is not included in this list due to ...

Honors Colleges: Making a Large School Seem Smaller

Bright, determined students sometimes need a more challenging, focused learning environment. These schools give them that.