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The 25 Largest College Football Stadiums

At these stadiums, you may need binoculars to see the players.

FYI, this list is from

The Longest Football Winning Streaks

These colleges were able to crush opponents for seasons at a time. Here are the schools with the longest winning streaks. Colleges noted with * had two separate winning streaks.

Colleges That Prepare Students for a Career in the Golf Industry

These colleges prepare students for careers as professionals in the golf industry. Careers include Head Golf Professional, Director of Golf, Teaching Professional, Association...

Colleges With Golf Courses

On these luscious courses, you won't care that you shanked the ball halfway into the woods or it's sitting at the bottom of the duck pond.

Colleges With Strength in Men's Golf

Don your polo shirts and funny socks. The students at these colleges love to play golf.

Colleges With Strength in Women's Golf

Hey, guys aren't the only ones who like to hit a few balls on the green. Here are the colleges where the women join in the fun.

Colleges With Strength in Men's Gymnastics

You'll find the next Paul Hamm in these gyms. Or maybe Morgan Hamm, we can't tell the difference.

Colleges With Strength in Women's Gymnastics

These women sure know how to hit those mats. Here are the colleges that have great programs in women's gymnastics.

Top Schools for Men's Gymnastics

These colleges really go for the gold--and win it! Here are the colleges that had the highest number of men's national gymnastics titles from 1938 to 2007.

Top Schools for Women's Gymnastics

These schools rake in championships like Nadia Comaneci took in gold medals. These colleges had the highest number of women's national gymnastics titles from 1982 to 2007.

Colleges With Strength in Handball

Handball? Yep. It's an Olympic sport. And these colleges excel in it.

Attendance at Men's Hockey Games by the Numbers: Top 20 in Division I

That icy arena heats up fast when it's packed with screaming fans. Here, USCHO...

Colleges With Great Men's Hockey Division I

These colleges are kings of the ice. Numbers are championships won by each school.

Colleges With Great Women's Ice Hockey Teams

These women can hit as hard and shoot as well as the men--all on ice! Check out the schools with great programs in women's ice hockey.

Colleges With Strength in Men's Ice Hockey

The men at these colleges can hit the ice, get hit on the ice, and stay on their own two feet, along with much more.

Strong Club Hockey Programs

If you're not the next Wayne Gretzky or Bobby Orr, don't fear. These colleges have great club hockey teams.