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The Best Quick Study Break Ideas

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  • Call Your BFF: Vent your frustrations with the only other person in the world who knows more about you than your diary. (Just try to keep the convo short!) And don't forget your family--they want to hear from you anyways!
  • Cardio: Whether a 15-minute run or brisk walk around campus, getting away from your studies is a healthy break, both for mind and body. Focus on your steps and surroundings, and let your brain wander, which will benefit you when you hit the books again.
  • Cat Nap: Set an alarm for 15-20 minutes and get some shuteye. Even if you don't pass out, you can enjoy the lights-out, eyes-closed, sleepy time stillness.
  • Healthy Snacks: Opt for protein-rich foods: hard-boiled eggs, trail mix, pita chips and hummus. Apples in particular are known for giving your brain a boost--possibly more so than coffee!
  • Ice Cream: Not digging the health food? Grab your roommates and get an ice cream cone! Take your time savoring that black raspberry ripple, and you'll feel a wave of summery relaxation.
  • Mini Jam Session: If you play an instrument, grab it and rock out for a few minutes. Those 20 minutes on the guitar, keyboard, or glockenspiel will help clear your mind.
  • Read: Maybe you don't think your eyes can handle seeing another printed letter, but try giving your current novel, newspaper, or favorite blogs a few minutes of your time. Even if you want to steer clear of more print, try an audio book so you can close your eyes and listen!
  • Television: Sometimes you just need some good old-fashioned vegging out in front of the TV . . . or computer . . . or tablet. Give yourself one 30-minute episode (usually 25 minutes when watched online) of your favorite show before getting back to more cerebral pursuits.
  • Upsidedown Corgi Naptime: See for yourself.
  • Yoga: Find your center and say it with us: Aummm. Aummm. Aummm.

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About This List

After four solid hours of studying for that biostatistics test, you need a study break. Here are our favorite quick and easy study break options for relieving stress and clearing your mind!

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