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How Students Should Save and Spend Their Money
by Ebony Ruffin
Students should learn smart money-saving and spending habits as early as possible. Start learning how to manage your finances right here!
How to Save Money on Your Car Insurance
by Rob Kallick
Looking for some ways to save some money? Your car insurance can be an easy way to save money with little effect on your everyday life. Find out how.
Part–Time Jobs and Money–Making Ideas for Students
by Nicole Iwuala
Looking for a part-time job to earn money in high school? Check out all these options and get your job search or side hustle started with this advice.
Scholarships 101: Getting Free Money for College
by Julia Quinn-Szcesuil
Think free money for college is just a crazy, faraway dream? Think again. You can make winning them a reality. This introduction to the scholarship search will set you up for success.
Money–Saving Apps for College Students
by CollegeXpress
Saving for college, you probably won't have a lot of extra cash. But what you might have is a smartphone. Plenty of today's applications are devoted to saving money. These are some of our favorites!
Get More Money by Appealing Your Financial Aid Award
by Callie McGill
The financial aid package you're initially offered doesn't have to be set in stone. Here's what to do to appeal yours and receive more money for college.
How to Help Your Teen Save Money for College
by Andy Earle
Saving money and budgeting are hard skills to learn that take time and organization. Help your student get a jump start on money management skills with these tips.
Money Management: The Best Budgeting Templates for Students
by Anthony Stevens
Going to college means a lot of new experiences...and a lot of new responsibilities, including budgeting. Here are some templates to help make managing money easier.
Top 10 Money–Saving Tips for College Students
by Sam Bowman
Saving money in college is hard with how expensive everything is these days. Here are our top money-saving tips to get you through the school year.
What I'm Doing to Save Money In College
by Ashley Gearheart
It's hard to save money when you're not making much (or any) of it. But if you can, you really should. This is how one student is doing it.
My Top Tips for Saving Money on College Textbooks
by Sarah Millard
One savvy college student's top tips for saving money on college textbooks.
How to Save Money by Transferring Colleges
by Mark Rowh
Starting at a more affordable college then transferring is a growing trend with students. See how this strategy could save you money at the end of four years.