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Pre-College Credit: How to Earn It and How It Transfers

There are plenty of ways to get credits for college in high school. Learn about different types of credits and how they might transfer with this helpful guide. read more

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Poetry Study Guide for AP English Language & Literature

Check out our quick poetry review that can help you score high on AP English Tests, both Literature and Language. read more

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How to Put the "A" in AP Classes

A junior with 11 courses under her belt offers tips on how to ace advanced placement classes. read more

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How to Make the Best Use of Your Time When Practicing for Standardized Tests

For seniors, autumn means college essays and interviews and applications--and their last chance to take those infamous standardized tests. read more

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A Prep Class for a Prep Class? What I Got from My AP Prep Course

Should you take a summer intensive "class" to prepare for the tough AP or honors classes ahead? This student did. Here she explains why and what she learned. read more

Student, Middletown High School North

Should You Take an AP Course?

Advanced Placement. It's funny how two little words can sound so daunting . . . read more


Why AP Scores Don't Matter in College Admission

The first two weeks of May are when AP exams are administered across the country. Although these exams cause tremendous angst among high school teenagers, much of that fear is unfounded. AP exams are much less important to the college admissions process than most high school students, counselors, and parents think. read more

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The Beginning of the End of AP Credit?

Dartmouth College recently announced that they will no longer grant credit for AP exams. Could this mark the beginning of the end of the program? read more

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U.S. Standardized Tests

As an international student, what standardized tests might you encounter as you apply to universities in the United States, and how should you prepare for them? One expert answers these questions and more. read more

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