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Sidelined From a Major Injury? What Student-Athletes Should Know

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A major injury can be a big setback regarding health, insurance, and scholarship eligibility. Here's what student-athletes should know if they get seriously hurt. read more

All About Institutional Aid and Scholarships

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Institutional aid is money that comes from your college or university vs. an outside source. Learn more about different types of institutional aid and how to get it. read more

3 Reasons Why You Should NOT Count on a Full Ride to Play Your Sport in College

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The reality is that most college athletes do not have athletic scholarships. College athletic scholarships are the exception rather than the rule. Here's why. read more

What Student-Athletes Should Know Before Going on an Official College Visit

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If you end up being one of the chosen athletes to be whisked away on an official visit, make sure you are prepared so you and the coach both get as much out of it as possible. read more

I Want a College Football Scholarship


Matthew knew he wanted a football scholarship, but at 5' 9" and 142 lbs., he also knew he wasn't a prime candidate. Yet, with a simple plan, he achieved his athletic--and financial aid--goals. read more